Case Studies

Industry: Mobile technology
Location: Washington D.C, US
Customer Since: January 2013
Use Case: Product Research


Pong Research Corporation is the maker of The Pong Case—the world's first and only intelligent cases for smartphones and tablets. Pong redirects wireless energy to increase range, reduce dropped calls and protect you. Independent certified laboratories, including Cetecom and RF Exposure Labs, have proven Pong's results. The Pong technology was developed by a team of PhD scientists trained at MIT, Princeton, Harvard and UCLA. A patented, wafer-thin antenna inside the case is specially designed for and works with the antenna inside the user's device to redirect wireless energy otherwise lost due to absorption.


Pong Research developed a forward thinking, innovating technology to benefit smartphone/mobile users' health and daily life. Superior technology itself, however, was only half of the puzzle. Initial prototypes were not exciting enough to differentiate in the crowded category of mobile device accessories. The challenge was to find the product design, packaging and messaging that appealed to mobile/smartphone owners in functionality, design and appearance.


Pong hired the famous IDEO design agency to come up with the new case design and used AYTM to research which variant resonates the most with the end users. After a series of research projects conducted in collaboration with AYTM experts; Pong's team finalized a winning case design, which was manufactured and successfully released late Summer 2013. Pong's team continued gaining consumer insights by rapidly iterating a series of extensive market research surveys targeting specifically to smartphone owners and the short-term potential market looking to purchase smartphone in the next 6 months.


Pong's research efforts led by CMO, Drew Wilkins in collaboration with AYTM's team, successfully delivered the voice of their target market to direct the company in developing the optimal market positioning, way of describe the case's benefits, feedback to engineer a case with market appeal and confirm the optimal price point. Pong Research revamped the product, context & packaging, increased sales, while backing their pitch to new stores, helping to place their products into retailers such as Best Buy, Radio Shack and HMS Host, and get attention of the major media outlets not to mention some celebs too! Pong smartphone cases become more popular every day, improving mobile device performance for their users while reducing exposure to wireless energy …all in a one sleek, modern design!