Solutions for Brands

AYTM was created to help brands like yours succeed in the competitive 21st century world. We all are swamped in data, analytics, and long reports that no one reads. We don't add more data to the pile. Instead, AYTM gives you affordable access to the kind of marketing intelligence that makes for successful advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, product messaging, pricing strategy, products, and graphic design. Now more than ever, having actionable consumer insights is power.

For the first time, you can access the voice of your exact target market directly, easily, quickly and affordably avoiding the common barriers:

  1. You don't have to be a researcher to take advantage of it.
  2. You don't have to plan and budget it in advance.
  3. You don't have to have more than a few days to get the actionable insights!

Our elegant and intuitive UI helps you to zero in on your exact target market (or target market of your competitor). You are then guided through the creation of your survey. Once drafted, launch it and see results streaming into your dashboard in real-time as each respondent completes your survey.
Read more about our DIY Market Research or let us Do it for you.

Most AYTM surveys are completed within 24 hours or less depending on the availability of your particular target market and demand on it. Our statistics module allows you to 'slice and dice' the data on fly and discover the actionable insights faster. If you have a hard core statistician on the team, download the RAW data in Excel/CSV and crunch the numbers using their favorite analytical tools. If not, you can study results right on our site and get attractive, professional presentations with minimal effort on your part. Download and share ready-made PDF's, PPT's, or the statistics page itself.

There are many ways for your brand to access the power of AYTM:

  • Use the AYTM survey tool for FREE to survey your own lists.
  • Create surveys and launch them to our panel of 25+ million respondents. From B2C to B2B, AYTM has access to every niche.
  • Capture the feelings and emotions of your customers by adding video responses to the cold dry quant data. See recordings of your target market answering your questions in front of their Webcams.
  • If you are a professional marketer short on time or you don't have the expertise of a professional market researcher, we've got you covered. The AYTM survey tool has expert market researchers built right in. They will edit, draft, strategize, launch, analyze and deliver an executive summary of your results complete with crosstabs and a PPT presentation with voiceover. Simply select Expert Study when you're ready to create a new project.