Facebook Poke Survey: Nearly Half Had Used App at Some Point

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Posted May 16, 2014

Facebook quietly pulled the plug on its Facebook Poke app last week. The app offered features similar to that of Snapchat, allowing users to send photos and similar media to select contacts. But the app failed to gain much ground in the marketplace. However, the original Facebook Poke feature that has been around since the site’s launch is staying put. How prevalent was the app compared to its namesake and competition?

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Poke App

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 10% of respondents said they had used the Facebook Poke app often. 19% said they sometimes used Facebook Poke. 22% said they used it just once or twice. 36% never used it. And 14% said they’ve never even heard of it. Those numbers aren’t necessarily bad, but they were on the decline according to a November 2013 survey, when 18% said they were current users of the Poke app.

Snapchat Competition

Snapchat was probably the app’s biggest competition, and is continuing to gain market share. However, just 5% of respondents said they currently use Snapchat often. 9% sometimes use Snapchat. 7% rarely use it. And 79% said they don’t use Snapchat at all. In the November 2013 survey, 12% said they had a Snapchat account, and 58% had not even heard of the app.

Facebook Poke

But even though the app has been discontinued, the original Poke function on the Facebook site remains. 17% said they have used the original Poke function many times. 29% said they have poked people on Facebook once or twice. 44% said they have never used Facebook’s original Poke function. And 10% have never used Facebook at all.

Photo Credit: poke amy from Flickr

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