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Whether you’re looking for a robust platform or an experienced partner, aytm has the technology and the people you need to tap into consumer voice, collect actionable insights, and advance your research initiatives.

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Access a global audience of over 100 million respondents, a predictive sample engine, an agile survey authoring tool, and a real-time reporting and analysis dashboard—all in one platform. Click here to learn more about our survey platform.

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What really sets aytm apart from other tech providers is that we have our own organically grown panel. When it comes to audience, we believe in empathy—respecting the people behind the screen and nurturing a community of individuals who are eager to share, not a pool of respondents to fill a quota.

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No matter what research stage you’re in, aytm has the tools and experts you need to do more with less—delivering actionable insights with robust, purpose-built solutions.

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Let us help you navigate the world of consumer insights. Not only can we deliver full service and support for all of your research needs, but we can also work with your team to empower more agile and iterative processes. So whether you need a partner to show you the path or one that will help you fly on your own, the experts at aytm are here to help you advance your research.

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The age of consumer insights technology is here, and aytm is committed to helping you achieve more in it. We offer certifications, training, and research best practices to guide you along the path to true insights ownership. Learn from leaders who can help take your research, design, and analysis skills to the next level.

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We stay inspired—always iterating and constantly inventing new and better ways to conduct market research. Our platform was built by listening to our clients. Want to see how far we can take it? Be a part of the next stage of aytm’s technology. Or, simply learn what we’re all about.

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Embarking on your DIY research journey will teach you how to connect and have more in-depth discussions amongst your team and consumers

Thanks to a helping hand from aytm, an impressive set of tools, and a robust strategy, we were able to reduce our research timeframes despite doing all the work ourselves.

When we go into new business pitches, we’re able to say, ‘we have a great platform that’s easy to use, cost-efficient, and time-efficient,’ that provides powerful insights to drive your brand forward. That’s given us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

What aytm is able to do in terms of cost efficiency is really valuable. A lot of brand health studies can cost anywhere from $200,000 to $400,000, and some suppliers don’t have the capability to take on large brand lift studies and brand health studies.

The hands-on approach of the team has been fantastic. Response times are very fast. We have a great partnership and aytm helps us tackle challenges around methodology and getting things in the market very quickly. We love it for a multitude of reasons, from the technology to the support. We value the partnership and look forward to working on more projects in the future.

The more that tools like aytm can bring research acumen into the agency world, the better. We have to bring some of that power back and be able to do our own research. Efficiency is important for the industry as a whole, for our discipline as a whole.

It just was such a pleasant experience. We’ll definitely be doing more in the future. We’ll be able to keep moving forward and exploring new solutions knowing that aytm has our back.

Usually we get the deliverable from the supplier and have to go through it to tweak and edit things, decipher the results, but I was basically able to take what aytm gave me and share it with the team.

I find the analysis with aytm very easy to go through and glean insights out of the data, so I’m really grateful for that. It didn’t take me long at all to look through the results and pull out my highlights and key points

aytm’s definition of a caregiver aligned perfectly with ours. The platform had all of that built in so I could drag and drop, choose from a dropdown select, and it was all built out for us.

Aside from the color, that was one of the biggest insights we've gotten on this pillar in a while. So it was really insightful, and I'm glad we were able to do both in the same survey—some platforms aren’t made to do both so it was nice that we could add those questions and get that learning.

I think something that we look for when we're evaluating new partners or a new platform is how easy it is to work with the company and the team. Everybody at aytm was really helpful. The partnership with aytm has been really good, and I think that’s definitely something we use to measure success when trying something new.

We have a team of two. We work across a lot of different brands, but we're also strapped. Having the right partners and the right tools is vital. It's not just about a do-it-yourself tool or an agile tool; it’s about having somebody that can help and support you on the back end as well. That mix really allows you to be the most effective insights partner that you can be.

In our new product launch, we went from 24 flavors to 87 flavor options. Going into a room and asking for three months and $10 million to run a huge test of 87 flavors would be challenging.

You can't beat the culture here - understanding, accepting, female-friendly, lgbtq+ friendly, intelligent, driven, and lots of opportunities to grow both professionally and personally! The hours are flexible when needed. If you have feedback, your voice is heard.

The team at aytm acts and treats each other with empathy and respect. We are basically one big rapidly growing family. The flexibility to work from home or remote locations makes work/life balance an added bonus. Leadership is very transparent and takes the time to get to know employees and engage in different areas of the business.

A superior product, supported by talented, smart, and supportive teams of individuals! Flexible work environment, remote from home, but never feel disconnected. Great Benefits! Friendly, fun, diverse, and happy group of people doing their best work to make our clients happy! Our Clients love us!

Aytm has built an amazing, family-oriented culture and maintains it within an entirely remote work environment. Our C-level Executives provide strong and supportive leadership that fosters individual growth for every employee. The company provides great compensation and benefits; we are truly rewarded for hard work! I am grateful and lucky to be apart of a company like aytm!!

We are an ad agency and are always looking for scrappy ways to get good research. I launched our survey yesterday so I can't believe it's already complete. I found the set-up process to be very easy and I was impressed with the targeting filters given the cost. Thank you for the great service.

aytm is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs, startups and investors. We've been using aytm for a long time to successfully develop and deploy concept test studies for digital consumer services. The platform offers an outstanding user experience with minimal budget and time requirements.

The team at aytm clearly went above and beyond to make our experience wonderful. We have used the aytm platform twice and have found it extremely user friendly. Besides that, the idea of built-in panels is absolutely brilliant. The Team at aytm clearly went above and beyond to make our experience wonderful.

A brilliant site. It's a super-quick way to take the pulse of what consumers are thinking. An intuitive interface, flexibility to define your target and create open or close-ended survey. Fancy looking analytics at your fingertips, with the ability to play with and cut the data any way you want.

Thanks so much for all your help with the survey. I was extremely happy with every aspect of it, and you really helped make it happen. It really showed that aytm is like no other research option out there that I can think of. You have been there every step of the way, and I really appreciate it!

I'm thrilled with the efficiency with which your platform allows my organization to obtain vital information from our target customers. The price and turnaround time are great.

I’m really grateful for the partnership with aytm. While implementing agile, start small. Begin asking questions that are low risk and start seeing results.

Within four days from pressing go, we had our MaxDiff TURF analysis back.

The service team has also been above amazing, always able to support us on quick needs with flexibility on helping and teaching us small programming needs to empower our capabilities. I have been extremely satisfied with aytm’s support teams.

aytm has the most intuitive and respondent-friendly survey question types that I have seen to date, increasing our confidence in the quality of responses and making it easy to program.

If there was a word for something better than incredible this would be it! I’m going to set up time to walk the team through the results ASAP. It’s outstanding—clear, concise, insight focused, and easy to visually understand. Excellent work all the way around.

Thank god for aytm! Their combination of panels on-demand with the best survey engine interface I’d ever seen was a revelation. The ability to execute sophisticated designs with great analytics has helped us become an insights-driven marketing team.

aytm is the gold standard in DIY quantitative research, as they offer the most comprehensive list of research methodologies in one easy to use platform. However, what separates them the most is their great team, which is always willing to lend you a helping hand.

The thing I most value in aytm support agents is when they teach me something new, allow me to practice, then confirm when I’m doing something correctly or incorrectly so I feel confident moving forward.

Building a high-quality survey is amazingly simple in aytm is super simple. Their advanced logic is easy to use and the tools to create a survey are both sophisticated and well built. It's also super quick to produce results.

This product has saved me from unnecessary workload and also helps me in making effective reports. With its amazing features I can easily know about the feedback that I can get from it in a very useful way.

Very helpful! aytm took the time to understand my question, reached out to their team for help and looped in my research manager to get me further assistance. This level of support is virtually unparalleled across most comparable customer support experiences I’ve had.

aytm provided actionable data that I was able to use to better tailor marketing campaigns. I was really impressed by the fast turn around and the ability to analyze data within the aytm interface.

I would highly recommend testing this product. aytm saves both time and money and makes it easy for marketing teams to institutionalize the habit of using the power of market research to optimize marketing spend and efforts.

aytm has been valuable for everything from getting a sense of user behavior, and tuning messaging, to testing interaction sequences. aytm is unbelievably fast, and incredibly useful.

Over the past two years, I have run nearly 50 different projects with aytm. Their DIY interface, quick turnaround, and flexible pricing have saved me every time.

We do a significant amount of research, so being able to lean on aytm has been so helpful

We needed a tool that would lead us to make the same business decisions that we arrived at with less agile tools. We wanted that balance of being agile while also being rigorous enough to give us confidence in the business decisions.

“The platform provides a wide variety of sampling/survey options, numerous data deliverable choices and a research team that is top notch – always goes above and beyond to help if/when needed to ensure projects are executed quickly and accurately! You get a lot of bang for a very reasonable research buck!”

One of the things you always hear is, “good, fast, and affordable. Pick two.” But with aytm you really can get all three.

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