A.O. Smith and Aquasana unleash the power of insights

Partnering with aytm for both B2B and B2C quantitative research needs

A. O. Smith and Aquasana is the largest manufacturer and marketer of water heaters in North America—catering to both residential and commercial clients. It also supplies water treatment and water purification products across Asian markets. With buyers that span consumers (both direct to consumer and through retail outlets) and commercial professionals, the business needed a research partner that could find the niche audience needed for their unique needs, as well as the expertise needed during complex design and fielding processes. They found the partner they wanted in aytm—one that can flexibly accommodate their needs to deliver insights for every study.



  • Complex quantitative research with a need for advanced methodologies
  • Target markets that span both B2C and B2C audiences


Target Audience

  • aytm's advanced, yet intuitive insights technology platform with capabilities for advanced methodologies
  • Expert-led services and support to ensure every project is a success
  • A partnership with built-in trust and longevity that continues to grow and mature year after year




  • Initial projects and pilot studies centered around water softeners and water filters were wildly successful, proving the value of the partnership to key decision makers
  • Package Testing and Shelf Testing studies conducted with aytm have led to better shelf space and increased SKU volume at home improvement retailers
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