Assisted DIY global B2B small business study

Financial company partners with aytm for global research needs

One of the world's largest financial institutions has been partnering with aytm since 2017 to run quantitative, survey-based research covering a vast array of topics globally.



  • Client needed to run an unplanned and unbudgeted global study to capture information to help make the decision
  • Client was in product marketing and not a traditional researcher - did not know where to start to acquire this information
  • The target audience was a hard to reach group comprised of specific small business owners


Target Audience

  • aytm's platform is so simple to use that even this non-research user was able to quickly and effectively program their own survey (with aytm's expert help) and then hand it over to aytm to perform and integrate the translations for seven countries



  • Project fielded in a couple days and final results were available ahead of schedule
  • Client had flexibility to filter results by geography and business channel easily on their own, enabling quick analysis and business decisions
  • Client was able to formulate a business plan in time for their meeting and with extra time to spare


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