Finding niche B2B audiences for leading irrigation company

Tapping into the unique perspectives of blue collar workers

A leading global manufacturer and provider of irrigation products and services relies heavily on research to guide their decision-making. And these demanding research initiatives require access to many niche audiences. Teaming up with aytm provides access to hard-to-reach audiences and research that consistently hits the mark—so their business is always better positioned to stay ahead of the curve. Over the course of several years, the partnership has continued to flourish and is now highly regarded as a key differentiator in this competitive market.



  • A highly competitive B2B market
  • A desire to base business decisions on the needs of a niche target market
  • Demanding quantitative research requirements
  • A number of difficult-to-reach B2B audiences

Audiences include

Target Audience

  • Contractors
  • Municipality workers
  • Supply Chain workers
  • Key purchasing decision-makers
  • Farmers



  • Nearly 20 studies successfully fielded to these niche B2B audiences
  • A thriving research partnership with aytm that's viewed by leadership as a key differentiator for the business


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