An innovative CPG company finds success with aytm

Partners in switching to agile consumer insights

As product development cycles shortened, this top-ten multinational CPG company needed to accelerate their research to match pace without sacrificing quality. So, they set out to make the strategic switch from full service to a more agile, self-service approach. But with a large team of researchers requiring training and the need for advanced research, finding a true partner with the right mix of technology, service offerings, and expertise proved to be challenging. That is, until they found aytm. However, this isn’t the type of success story where we came sweeping in to save the day. No, the benefits of this burgeoning partnership truly went both ways, as within just a few weeks aytm had used input from this client to make platform improvements with lasting impact to all aytm users.



  • The need for faster, more affordable research options to test ideas quickly 
  • A transition to self-service required extensive training and support for their large team
  • Finding a consultative partner with technology and a flexible service model

Target Audience



  • An agile research platform that prioritizes both fast turnarounds and data quality
  • Training that includes 1:1 and group sessions for the client’s researchers
  • Flexible access to research experts, providing a hybrid of DIY and full-service
  • aytm platform improvements and feature development  to meet the client’s needs



  • Cost savings and faster insights while maintaining data quality
  • A customized MaxDiff HB solution to meet future research needs
  • A consultative partnership committed to innovation and progress