ExxonMobil's pivot to agile research amid unprecedented uncertainty

ExxonMobil: Insights for energy

As one of the largest publicly traded companies, ExxonMobil recognizes the essential roles technology and innovation play in meeting the world’s ever-growing energy needs. They hold an industry-leading inventory of resources and are one of the top refiners and marketers of petroleum products. But when the pandemic struck, they needed to find answers and take action. Here’s the story behind an insights team that embraced tech to tap into consumer voice with unprecedented speed.



  • When the pandemic slowed down the oil industry, ExxonMobil needed to speed up its insights in order to understand the critical changes it needed to make during very turbulent and uncertain times.

Target Audience



  • Agile transformation was at the core of their approach. To do this, they needed a partner who could help empower internal research initiatives with incredible speed—leveraging platform training and tech enablement to help them spin up quality insights at speed.



  • In the end, ExxonMobil found a way to satisfy their data requirements while saving tremendous time on their survey design and fielding processes—getting fast responses while accelerating their internal insights initiatives.