Fishin' for data: The road to creating a consumer tracker

The Fishin' Company partners with aytm to understand seafood consumers

Established in 2002, The Fishin' Company was built on the principles of supplying the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible, while also providing excellent customer service. Today, The Fishin' Company is the largest importer of tilapia in the world and one of the largest importers of frozen fish, with offices and processing sites located around the world. The Fishin' Company supplies many of the largest retailers and food service companies in the world. They offer both private label and Fishin' branded packaging options.



  • Stakeholders no longer wanted to rely on third-party organizations for consumer insights as they never quite fit the specific needs of the business or their partners
  • Small research studies couldn't provide the proper tracking of long-term trends over time

Target Audience



  • It was decided that the best solution to these specific challenges was a consumer insight portfolio including an ongoing monthly consumer tracker, later to be named the 'Seafood Consumer Index"
  • aytm's assisted DIY team was able to work with The Fishin' Company to build a multi-wave tracking study targeting seafood consumers with limited ongoing budget
  • From there, The Fishin' Company's team was able to clone and launch their survey themselves in a matter of minutes, not hours or days



  • A better understanding of seafood consumer taste profiles, purchasing habits, and more
  • These insights have been valuable to share with retail partners to communicate consumer desires, demands, and concerns
  • The Fishin' Company can now stand apart from their competitors as leaders in a commodity industry
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