Food CPG company bakes up success with Xpert Concept Test and Concept Portal

Automated research bakes up success testing 50+ concepts

A large food CPG was looking to test 50+ delicious concepts in one batch in time for their holiday innovation sprint. The research also needed to empower the team with the tools and expertise required to continue their ad hoc concept testing throughout the year. The team was low on bandwidth and looking for a low-lift solution that still employed a fully baked methodology and served up summarized results. The team dreamt of taking and running with automated results and visual summaries while still having the ability to drill down further as needed for additional analysis.


Target Audience



  • Leveraging aytm's Xpert Solutions Concept Test offering, aytm created a custom a la carte concept test survey template which enabled the client to have a consistent process used across multiple teams and team members
  • The clients were able to submit their concepts and the platform whipped up results in just a few days (or less!)
  • Each concept's results were added to aytm's Concept Portal Library, enabling the team to compare concept results against current and previous surveys and even compare against their custom averages and norms created in the platform as needed



  • Cost and time savings with automation and a more DIY approach
  • Quicker turnaround times setting surveys up
  • Fast fielding times
  • Robust analysis due to aytm's automated results summary dashboard and visuals
  • Ability to compare concepts across different surveys and initiatives in Concept Portal
  • Consistency and collaboration across team members
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