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Global innovation consultancy taps aytm's expert-led services for concept test

A global strategic innovation consultancy partnered with aytm and its expert-led client success team to address the complex needs surrounding a concept test. The survey aimed to compare concepts for niche personal care brands and sought to gather detailed insights on consumer perceptions, purchase intent, and perceived value across different product concepts and price points. By leveraging aytm's advanced survey tools and expert success team, the consultancy gained a comprehensive understanding of consumer preferences leading to more informed and effective strategic decisions.



  • The study attempted to compare three distinct product concepts for niche personal care brands.
  • They required detailed data on respondents' agreement with various statements and general purchase intent.
  • There was a need to assess respondents' percpetions of value at different price points.


Target Audience

  • aytm's team programmed advanced logic to assign respondents one of three concept groups for clear comparisons.
  • This included scale questions on agreement with statements about the concepts and general purchase intent.
  • The study utilized heatmpaping to measure attention and perception.



  • The study fielded to this niche audience in under a week, providing insights into perceived value and purchase intent for each concept at specific price points.
  • It gathered data on how different concepts influenced consumer views and brand associations.
  • The survey results helped refine product offerings and pricing strategies aligned with consumer preferences.


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