How KAYAK and Supernatural gained first-class insights

Take flight with agile research

Popular online travel search engine KAYAK tapped creative agency Supernatural for a compelling brand campaign with the power to create headwinds in the industry. Knowing that primary research can go a long way in validating creative campaigns, Supernatural decided to launch a survey to travelers in the US and Canada so they could use the data to power a truly newsworthy campaign. But getting an international survey off the ground can take a lot of planning. Learn how Supernatural gained first-class insights by leveraging aytm’s agile DIY platform, helping them safely land quality data with the speed and scale KAYAK needed for their brand campaign.



  • Recognizing the egregious and polarizing behavior that had been taking place in the skies and flooding news and social media feeds, KAYAK wanted to reinforce its metasearch superpower and find a way to make summer travel more enjoyable for everyone. So they turned to their agency of record, Supernatural to deliver a brand campaign that would do just that
  • Supernatural developed the “Airplane Mode” campaign. It involved KAYAK searching the internet for the most talked about plane etiquette. But the campaign also required consumer insights on travel do’s and don’ts to re-define the rules of travel
  • Supernatural sought out a solution to power fast, accurate quant research that fit the budget


Target Audience

  • A self-serve research platform that put Supernatural in control over the research process
  • Fast fielding to a representative sample of 1,000 US and Canadian travelers
  • Experts to provide input on survey design and post-fielding analysis of results



  • Insights directly informed campaign’s creative approach and assets
  • Custom research revealed surprising debates around travel etiquette
  • Ongoing use of aytm will strengthen Supernatural’s delivery to other clients like KAYAK