Measuring product line cannibalization for a multinational food manufacturer

Fast, actionable insights with Shelf Test

This Fortune 500 multinational food manufacturer needed to measure how a new line of protein bars would perform on shelves prior to launch—paying special attention to any potential line cannibalization to similar existing products. With the help of aytm’s blended full-service and assisted DIY service and automated Shelf Test, they were able to bring the voice of their consumer into the decision-making process when weighing the option to launch a new line of protein bars.



  • A need for insightful answers to important  product questions
  • A demanding timeline with high standards for quality
  • Limited experience with virtual shelf testing

Target Audience



  • A custom research plan to reach the large sample size required for this study
  • A consultative partner to share expertise and recommend the best solution
  • Dedicated support and guided learning to enable adoption of a new shelf test tool



  • Successfully discovered line cannibalization within the shelf test 
  • Gained insights to help to inform the path ahead for the new line of protein bars 
  • Enhanced experience, confidence, and agility for future research initiatives
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