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Message testing for leading film and television studio

One of the world's leading film and television studios partnered with aytm to explore the advantages of agile insights technology. The client aimed to save time and money without sacrificing quality, transitioning from a full-service approach to leveraging advanced survey tools and training for future DIY capabilities. By partnering with aytm's Research Services and Client Success teams, the film and television studio efficiently tested different messaging options and gained valuable insights. The collaboration also empowered the client to transition towards more independent use of survey tools, optimizing both time and resources.



  • The studio needed a cost-effective and timely method to test different movie-watching messaging options.
  • They required an even split of concepts by age and gender in a monadic design where respondents saw only one concept.
  • They aimed to reduce reliance on full-service approaches.


Target Audience

  • Our Research Services team stepped in to provide survey programming and optimization, including custom data tables.
  • We conducted two training sessions on survey programming basics and survey analysis tools within our platform's stats page.
  • We put a great deal of focus on empowering the client to handle progressively more DIY projects in the future.



  • The studio managed to successfully launch a cost-effective message testing study that yielded powerful results.
  • Our training sessions for survey programming and analysis delivered on their needs while growing their capabilities.
  • Moving forward, the team has a new sense of agile independence when it comes to message testing on our consumer insights platform.


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