A full-service exploration of consumer preferences for a multinational confectionery

Prioritize product attributes to maximize appeal

This Fortune 500 multinational confectionery and snack food company has offered a popular flavor of a packaged biscuit for the last several decades. They were looking to run a study to understand how their consumers felt about different attributes of the biscuit’s flavor. The hope was that the results would provide actionable insights that they could then leverage to make important decisions about the product’s future packaging, advertising, and product development.


Target audience

Target Audience

  • N=300
  • Consumers aged 34–64 who consume the product at least once a month and have purchased the product in the past three months



  • Full-service engagement that relied on aytm’s expert services team to handle every aspect of the study
  • 10 minute survey that utilized the Kano method to assess 21 different product attributes
  • Responses were captured on a 5-point satisfaction scale, then averaged for each question and plotted on a chart to identify their classification



  • A competitive advantage: The majority of this product’s attributes were classified as “attractive”, meaning they excite and delight the buyers without being sought out
  • A new opportunity: A potential new product version was uncovered for a niche segment of the target audience, which will be researched and explored further
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