Tech-empowered insights for streaming

How one media insights team leveraged automation for actionable insights

The nature of on-demand television requires that insights teams for streaming services operate in a fast-paced environment—where keeping a finger on the pulse of audiences means delivering time-sensitive reports that drive tomorrow’s decisions. One such streaming service for one of the Big Three traditional commercial broadcast television networks turned to aytm to leverage our full stack of integrated solutions. With the help of our agile survey tool, templatized testing capabilities, top-ranked proprietary panel, and automated reporting tools, the network reduced testing time by 25% while cutting costs in half.



  • Inefficiencies in the research process made it difficult to quickly gather and glean insights for time-critical projects.
  • Time constraints hindered the team from fielding their studies with enough time to produce comprehensive reports.
  • There was a need to relay insights in appropriate formats with relevant benchmarking for content tests.


Target Audience

  • Initiated new workflows for team members, including standardized templates for their most common types of studies.
  • Leveraged aytm’s automated reporting solution to generate both standardized and tailored reports for various stakeholders.
  • Introduced real-time data analysis into the research process, allowing researchers to quickly compare incoming results with established benchmarks.



  • A more efficient and effective research processes
  • Fast, actionable, and visually compelling reports
  • 25% faster fielding
  • 50% cost savings


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