Creating a virtual center of excellence for a global food corporation

Connect a worldwide network of insights teams

One of the world’s largest global food corporations needed to generate a vast array of consumer insights to prove their products’ value to food producers, retailers, and operators. But there's no “one size fits all” solution to a model that requires such a decentralized global approach. Here’s how this business’ network of distributed insights teams leveraged a dynamic, and consultative partnership with aytm to build a virtual center of excellence that connected a worldwide network of insights teams.



  • Infinite needs, finite resources
  • A vast array of clients who cater to different markets across the globe
  • Decentralized teams with disconnected insights

Target Audience



  • A consultative partnership and an iterative approach
  • An intuitive hub to connect teams across different regions and categories
  • A virtual center of excellence to promote collaborative learning



  • Teams that teach one another how to gain more insights with fewer resources
  • A shared dashboard that promotes and facilitates immense time savings
  • Increased visibility, connections, and understanding among insights teams