Voya Financial makes the switch to agile research

A wealth of consumer insights

Voya Financial is a Fortune 500 company serving the financial needs of approximately 13.8 million individual and institutional customers in the United States. Their mission is to make a secure financial future possible one person, one family, one institution at a time. But long wait times for consumer insights were hurting Voya's ability to meet that goal. The traditional research vendors they'd been working with had a four to six-week turnaround time, sometimes even longer than that, and it simply became impossible to keep insights up to date with a rapidly changing market. Luckily, they found aytm and quickly embraced the power of agile research backed by both intuitive technology and unparalleled expertise to deliver the insights they need on time and on budget.

The challenge


  • A rapidly changing market
  • Long timelines for quantitative research initiatives
  • A small but mighty insights team tasked to do more with less

The solution

Target Audience

  • A shift in mindset to a more agile, iterative approach to consumer insights
  • aytm's intuitive platform built for researchers, by researchers
  • Flexbile expert-led service options to help with bandwidth constraints

The results


  • Reduced time to insight better positions Voya to keep up with market trends
  • A blossoming partnership that supports a streamlined, iterative approach to research
  • Increased influence for the insights team with stakeholders across the business