Our Story

The Story Behind The Company
Who Made Target Market Research Affordable to All

David Handel, Co-Founder of Ask Your Target Market, embraced the power of personal computing and the fledgling Apple Computer Company's democratic vision of technology early on.

He bought the very first commercially available Apple Macintosh Computer, the 128K black & white model, and has owned every model since. Inspired by the possibilities of this breathtaking new technology, David became one of the first Certified Apple Developers at the same time he was completing his residency in Radiology at Duke University.

One rare night off during his residency, David saw an interview on 60 Minutes with Ken Uston, a man who had made millions playing blackjack, and had recently published a book about his card counting system called Million Dollar Blackjack.

Sensing an opportunity to create an appealing computer game - when very few were available - David called Uston, set up a meeting, secured the rights, and successfully developed the computer game version of Million Dollar Blackjack. Other titles followed, and David's first software company soon grew to over thirty employees. He accomplished all of this while he was a full time radiology resident on the way to becoming a private practice radiologist.

Years later, with his radiology practice now flourishing along with other entrepreneurial ventures, David once again became fascinated with software development. He searched for a designer who could bring his ideas to life, and eventually met Lev Mazin, who was so much more than a graphic artist. Lev designed, created, and delivered engaging user experiences; he would later become aytm's CTO and Co-Founder.

Together, they developed what they felt to be several outstanding applications. But none of them gained traction. Curious as to why their work was not resonating and wanting to discover what people really wanted, they decided to conduct market research.

As they contacted market research firms and explored online possibilities, they were astounded by the costs. How could entrepreneurs possibly afford professional market research? It was completely out of reach for so many businesses, yet so critical to making sound business decisions and investments.

It became their passion to provide all types and sizes of companies easy and affordable access to professional quality market research. The seeds for what would become Ask Your Target Market were sown.

David and Lev launched the beta version of aytm at TechCrunch50. Online influencers began embracing the model, calling it revolutionary, in an industry that has been ruled for many years by entrenched, expensive market research firms.

David and Lev at the TechCrunch50 2009 Demo pit sharing the Ask Your Target Market research model with Andres Davidovits, co-founder of rrripple.com About Us