Beyond Survey Technology

Dive Deeper Into The Minds
Of Your Target Audience

aytm has developed a unique market intelligence solution called PersonalityRadarSM. It gives you access to our ever growing database of ~3000 traits that we profile our respondents by and keep up to date.

We analyze millions of data point combinations on the fly and present you a clear window into the statistically significant affinities between respondents' answers on your questions and their aggregated psychographic & personality traits.

You can discover, for example, that Nintendo owners are 62.7% more likely to be actively shopping for a new vehicle in early 2014 or that Republicans were 21% more likely to root for Broncos in the last Super Bowl (XLVIII). Play with it here.

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You can uncover hundreds of data points that would be impossible to predict in any quantitative research environment otherwise. Allocate common personas by clustering their affinities in relationship to the brand/product/entity you're researching.

Very few brands can afford to ask their customers tricky personality questions, such as, "Do you see yourself rather lazy or hardworking?", Outgoing or Shy, Liberal or Conservative, yet actionable insights will make all the difference in success of a product launch, advertising campaign or a re-branding because you'd be able to appeal to their feelings. Gone are the days when survey analysis was limited only to the "demographic buckets" such as age, gender, income, employment, etc. Now you can really get into the shoes and heads of your target market and the best news is that you don't have to do any Big Data heavy lifting or rely on inferred social media/browsing data.

Each eligible aytm PanelSurvey comes with up to 10 relevant PersonalityRadarSM tags unlocked for free.

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Digital life
  3. Food & Drinks
  4. Gadgets & Devices
  5. Games
  6. Green Life
  7. Health
  8. Hobbies & Interests
  9. Home and Family
  10. Life Changes
  11. Media
  12. Money Management
  13. Personal Care
  14. Personal habits
  15. Personality
  16. Phone
  17. Politics & Religion
  18. Purchasing Habits
  19. Skills
  20. Sports
  21. Trait
  22. Transportation
  23. Travel
  24. Work / Career
  • Breakthrough User Interface
  • ~3000 data points on top of your survey data
  • Solid statistical analysis
  • Actionable auto-predictions written out in English
  • All personality and psychographic data is voluntarily self-reported
  • All tags are presented in aggregate to protect respondents' privacy
  • Raw numbers references
  • Tags polarity & most/least relevant tags mode
  • 99%-80% Confidence Level sensitivity setting
  • Minimum & Maximum Tags IR controls
  • Min number of respondents per tag setting
  • Top Tags view modes
  • Proportional Power/Sector separated view modes
  • Jitter, Scale & Contrast View mode settings
  • Individual Radar views for each sub question of matrix questions
  • List View ranked by Tags Correlation to the answer choices
  • List View ranked by Tags Popularity
  • Robust filters by 24 categories
  • Search
  • Compatibility with Survey filters by demographics & answers
  • Secure sharing via smart URLs capturing view modes and settings
  • Export to PDF / PNG / Vector