Before the launch of the AYTM platform we started by building our first proprietary consumer panel, a community of opinionated people who are interested in sharing their feedback by taking your surveys. From the start we focused on creating the best possible experience for respondents believing that when you treat a panelist with respect, they reward you with truthfulness and higher quality feedback.

One way that we respect our panelists is that we limit the number of characters per question and per answer. We understand that many researchers love to have the ability to throw unlimited verbiage at respondents, but by doing that, they bore the people reading their surveys and end up getting garbage in return.

Another way we respect panelists is by eliminating long, boring surveys that have no respect for their time and attention. We have found that asking folks to concentrate on your survey for more than 20-30 minutes frustrates them and will not get you the quality data that you deserve. AYTM surveys are limited to 25 Q max. With our character limits and 25 Q max surveys, panelists can comfortably answer any survey in less than 10 minutes, without speeding, while giving it their full attention and candor.

The Only Consumer Panels Managed by TrustScoreSM

We have built our own proprietary panel and gained a lot of love and respect by treating our members better than any other panel. At the same time, we have built in a unique system that we call TrustScore that rewards members for their honesty and candor. When you launch general population studies on ATYM and studies that don't seek too "niche-y" a respondent, they typically will be answered solely by our proprietary panels.

Compare AYTM's Consumer Panel with SSI (USA)



Female 68% 64%
Male 32% 36%


18-24 years 23% 23%
25-34 years 25% 32%
35-44 years 21% 19%
45-54 years 17% 14%
55-64 years 10% 9%
65+ years 4% 3%


Full-time 39% 33%
Part-time 18% 18%
Retired -- 5%
Student -- 14%
Not-employed 43% 30%


$0k - $49k 64% 68%
$50k - $74k 14% 15%
$75k - $99k 6% 8%
$100k+ 6% 6%
Not Reported 10% 3%

Extended reach

There is no single Market Research Panel anywhere that is big enough to handle every possible client order, especially with specialized or "niche-y" requests. It is pretty much the industry standard for companies to resell their panels to other market research panel providers. At AYTM, we never sell access of our panel to other research firms. But, in order to meet the vast and varied needs of our clients, AYTM has partnered with forward thinking panel companies and websites who provide us API access so that our servers can talk with theirs in real-time in order to be able to provide you wide and instant access to more than 20 MM panelists from all over the world. In all cases, we have improved the quality and the cost, made possible by our technology, that you get by accessing those panelists through AYTM.

AYTM is ready to deliver every target panelist you seek. If you need to speak to them, we can make it happen, usually in DIY mode without the need to give us a call. Sometimes, we will be faced with a request that needs clarification or personalized acquisition of your target audience. Our targeting page will let you know when we need to talk to you.

A Commitment to Excellence

In an effort to better serve you, we are constantly working to build and diversify our consumer panel. We also continue to advance the proprietary technologies that measure and incentivize honesty and integrity among our consumer panelists. Additionally, a personalized approach to interacting with our consumer panel fosters excitement and commitment to producing quality survey results for you.

Our goal is to provide our customers with professional, high quality, and easily accessible market research at affordable prices. If you have any questions or feedback about our consumer panel, please don't hesitate to contact us!