Do It Yourself Market Research

AYTM launched as Ask Your Target Market in 2009 and invented DIY market research. We are the first online market research tool with a built-in, on-demand, online panel. Our innovative concept allows you to design your survey, launch it to a precise target audience, and receive your results in real time, often complete in hours. Our elegant, seamless interface removes the barriers that had previously prevented small and medium companies, startups and agencies from using Market Research for decades.

Currently, AYTM remains the best solution for DIY market research. Our methodology has been proven, validated by our association with national companies. We are the fastest and most affordable answer to the market research problem.

With AYTM, you can create several different types of surveys.

First, you can use the AYTM survey tool for FREE to send surveys to your own list or post on your blog, website or Facebook page. We call these "ListSurveys" and we never charge a subscription fee nor limit the quantity or functionality of our tool when you use it for free.

If you don't have the respondents you need, we have 25+ MM in our panel available for purchase. We've got B2B, B2C and every niche of respondents available. We call these "PanelSurveys" and responses start for as little as $0.95 per respondent for a 10 questions long survey. Prices go up depending on the availability of your exact target audience as well as the number and type of questions you want to include.

In a DIY PanelSurvey, you start by defining your target market. You can filter by any combination of 10 demographic traits; gender, age, household income, race/ethnicity, education, relationship status, number of children, employment status, career, country and local geography. Choose which demographics you want balanced to census data.

You can go well beyond basic demographics, though. Include up to 3 prescreening questions. Choose from our library of 2000+ House Tags or come up with your custom ones. Say you want to speak to single moms who have 3 children, earn $75K a year, have a college degree, live in California, own an iPhone 4 and love sushi... AYTM is the only DIY survey tool that lets you get that specific.

Once you've identifed and chosen your target market, select the number of responses you want.

Next you draft your survey. The UI for the AYTM survey-drafting tool is incomparable. AYTM has all of the important question types you'll need. Add images to any question and any answer. Include video clips into your survey or ask respondents to record a video response using their Web cams. Use skip logic if you need it. Preview your survey the way your respondents will see it. They can answer your survey on a computer or mobile device. When you're ready, pay and launch. Results will come streaming back in minutes into your dashboard. Most surveys complete in minutes to hours depending on the availability of your particular respondents.

Analyze your results in our amazing statistics page. You'll be able to 'slice and dice' and drill-down and cross-tabulate results to make it easy to discover the actionable insights. Drill-down and cross-tabulate results. AYTM's charts and graphs allow you to easily customize and create attractive, professional presentations and reports with minimal effort. Download and share ready-made PDF's, PPT's or the statistics page itself. You can even use our blog widget to post the results on your blog or website.