DIY Market Research

aytm launched as Ask Your Target Market in 2009 and invented DIY market research. We were the first online market research tool with a built-in, on-demand, online panel, and we continue to set the standard today for all-in-one, fast, easy, sophisticated DIY research. Design your survey, launch it to a precise target audience, and receive your results in real time, often finishing your data collection in hours. Small and medium companies, startups, and agencies can easily gain the same powerful market research insights that our Fortune 100 clients enjoy.

With aytm, you can create several different types of surveys:

Write List Surveys

Send surveys to your own list or post on your blog, website, or Facebook page.

Write Panel Surveys

If you don't have the respondents you need, we have over 100MM+ survey takers in our panel available for purchase. We've got B2B, B2C and every niche of respondents available; responses start for as little as 95 cents per respondent for a 10-question survey. Prices go up depending on the availability of your exact target audience as well as the number and type of questions you want to include.

Visit our page How to Create a Survey to learn how to get the critical insights you need in five easy steps!