Behind the Curtain: A Full Market Research Intelligence Solution

After revolutionizing the world of online DIY research in 2009, AYTM quickly came to the conclusion that many companies and agencies were in need of a collaborative approach to online quantitative research. We built a team of talented market research experts tailored to our clients' needs; now, many marketing/ad agencies, CPGs, consultants, start-ups, and investment companies turn to AYTM for our full-service market research. From brainstorming to final analysis and clear reports, we have quickly become an extension of each of our clients' teams. Let us be YOUR research department, working seamlessly with you to deliver outstanding market research professional services.

How it works:

Contact us at or simply call us 415-364-8601. We'll discuss your project with you to gain a full understanding of your needs and recommend the proper methodology and approach. We'll provide a proposal including all costs for sample, consultation, survey design and/or final reporting.

We are well-known for both speed and accuracy, with a knack for building and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our fees generally run about a third of the cost of traditional market research companies. Why? Because we've married the best that technology offers with a team of experts who simply do what they love, optimizing efficiency and quality with our proprietary innovations.

Here are some of the most popular services and analytics we offer:

General technical services

  1. Consultation on research flow and objectives
  2. Custom targeting
  3. Questionnaire design and programming on the AYTM platform
  4. Custom conditional logic (advanced logic on the backend) including masking, rotation of questions/question sets, managed quotas, etc.
  5. Translation
  6. Questionnaire pre-flight review and editing
  7. Phone interviews
  8. Data weighting
  9. Open-ended answers coding
  10. Custom statistical analyses and reporting
  11. Crosstabs/SigTest reports

Support services

  1. Full project management
  2. Research strategy sessions
  3. List surveys
    1. support
    2. email blast writing and design
    3. Send email blasts from AYTM domain or client's domain
  4. Fulfillment monitoring/report in-field status
  5. Custom quota management
  6. Custom throttling setup and management
  7. Conference call report walkthrough
  8. On-site report presentation
  9. Quality assurance
  10. Infographics concept/writing/design/promotion
  11. Media preparation
  12. Screen-sharing support
  13. Team training

Brand Research

  1. Perception testing
  2. Attitudes, awareness, and usage
  3. Pre/post campaign brand awareness
  4. Equity measurement
  5. Tracking studies
  6. Consumer satisfaction and loyalty
  7. Market segmentation with cluster or regression analysis
  8. Ad concept and collateral testing

Product Research

  1. Purchase funnel analysis
  2. Needs assessment
  3. Concept viability evaluation
  4. Market sizing
  5. Usability and product testing
  6. Product positioning
  7. Competitive benchmarking
  8. Pricing elasticity

Advanced Analytics

  1. Conjoint analysis
  2. Maximum difference scaling (MaxDiff)
  3. Multiple regression analysis
  4. Variance analysis
  5. Discriminant function analysis
  6. Perceptual mapping

Please contact support if you have additional questions.