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STEP #1:


If you have a list of people you want to survey (such as your customers, your client's customers, sales leads, or social media followers), use our tools for free by creating a List Survey. Distribute the survey as a link in an email, tweet it, or even embed it as a widget on your webpage. When building a List Survey, you can choose from a predefined set of demographic traits such as age, gender, and household income, and append them to the beginning or end of your survey.
Data from all sources will be combined in the stats page as results stream back.
ListSurvey Demo Stats Page


If you prefer us to provide you with survey takers, create a Panel Survey and access over 100,000,000 people globally, available around the clock. PanelSurvey Demo Stats Page

When building a Panel Survey, you can define your target market with two different techniques. Using the power of a psychographic pre-screening question, you can pinpoint your target market based on various media and purchasing habits as well as personality traits (over two thousand house tags available). Want to survey consumers who love sushi, own an iPhone, and watch the Disney Channel? No problem. If you cannot find a psychographic characteristic in our house tags, simply create your own custom pre-qualification questions.

aytm also offers a standard set of 10 demographic criteria that you can use to define your target market. These include:

  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Income
  • Ethnicity
  • Education
  • Employment status
  • Career
  • Relationship status
  • Parental status
  • Location

As you adjust your target market, you'll see this needle move from the green zone to the orange zone, indicating sample complexity. We guarantee that your survey will be completed by the quoted deadline if you launch it within the specified timeframe. If you plan to launch it later, we'll give you a new delivery guarantee. If for any reason the survey runs longer than promised, you'll have the option to stop the survey and get 110% of the remaining prorated amount credited back to your aytm account for future use.

Choose the number of responses you'd like to receive for your online survey.
You can choose up to ten thousand respondents with our panels, or any number with your own list.

STEP #2:

Once you've customized your target market, or decided which trait questions to use, it's now time to write your survey.

Choose from our twenty question types including images and videos. It's easy to upload images into any question or answer to enhance your survey's appearance. Drag and drop questions for easy cloning or reordering. You also have the option to collect webcam responses to add some qualitative flavor to your data.

The List Survey option gives you the tools to design and build a sleek, professional survey that will help you capture the results you need. Personalize your study by adding an optional message at the beginning and/or the end of the survey. Embed your own YouTube video to demo, pitch, or further explain the context of your survey. With a few clicks, paid members can customize the survey with your logo, tag line, and color palette. Our theme editor is an easy-to-use tool which allows you to choose one of our background images or upload your own. You'll be able to preview and edit the way your survey will look and feel. Save your selected theme profile for future surveys, so you can make them more interesting for your survey takers and consistent with your brand.

STEP #3:

Done with your survey? Save it and launch it!

Is your List Survey ready to go? We provide you with a URL that you can email to your list or post to social media, an embed code for your website.

Panel survey will be automatically sent into the field and you will see responses start streaming to your stats page.

STEP #4:

By clicking on your dashboard, you can view all of the online surveys you have in progress, as well as your completed online surveys.

STEP #5:

Once your online survey has completed, it's time to make sense of the data. aytm offers numerous ways to quickly filter your data and displays the results in easy-to-interpret charts and graphs. If you're using our advanced research tests such as price optimization modeling (VanKonan) or Competitive Topography (perception mapping), you'll also have access to 3D modeling and automated analysis.

Graph data by parameters

Compare the way respondents of different age ranges, occupations, incomes, education levels, ethnicities, occupations, careers, or marital status responded in a single graph.

Show geography

See the location of respondents to your online surveys by clicking the map icon.

Filter data by parameters (visual representation of crosstabs)

See only results from respondents based on:

  • Gender
  • Age range
  • Income
  • Ethnicity
  • Education
  • Employment status
  • Career
  • Relationship status
  • Parental status
  • Location

Select a color palette

Pick a color palette for displaying results. Choose one that reflects your company's colors to create branded reporting.

Export data

Export your data in CSV, XLS, or SPSS format. You can export the current view you've created, or you can choose to export all raw data. You can also export your data as a presentation-ready PowerPoint.

Share results

Share the results of your online survey with anyone including clients, business partners, subscribers, and vendors. When you share by email, your contacts will receive an email with a link to view the online survey results just as you see them in your dashboard. You can also post the link in an email you create, or on social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. We even provide a sleek widget you can use on your website to share your survey results.

Print results

By selecting 'Print Current Report', a printable version of the entire report will be generated based on the viewing criteria you have selected. Select 'With cover page' to include all of the criteria of your target market in your report.

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