Stat Reports and Visualizations


Enjoy AYTM's sleek statistics reports and visualizations

With AYTM's proprietary analytics and visualizations, instantly slice and dice your responses (including crosstabs and sigtests), produce stunning reports and visualizations, and let technology make the heavy lifting of data-crunching easy for you. View our stats reports and visualizations tutorial video.


Once your survey is launched you can see results as they stream in and start analyzing the data right away. Use the sidebar to adjust the view options, choose the most helpful default chart type, see results on the map or turn off the graphs all together to work with numbers only.

With one click of a button you can break down any question by demographics, to compare how answers vary by gender, age, etc.

Quickly isolate a subset of respondents by enabling filters by demographics and/or answers. Once you apply your filters, the stats page will recalculate all research experiments, refresh the charts and tables, and present you with the results for the selected subset of your data.

You can change color options, as well as print and download your report in file formats including CSV, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Additional features you can enjoy as a paid member or unlock on an ad-hoc basis include:

  • Crosstabs and statistical significance tests, available in just a few clicks, as an alternative to running complex tests in SPSS or hiring a statistician.
  • Unlimited Personality Radar reports to instantly create custom personas (see details below)
  • SPSS export
  • Advanced word clouds and text analytics
  • White label to showcase the report to your clients under your own subdomain and with your logo. An add-on is available to paid members


Open-ended answers, as well as combobox and cascade answers, are presented as an interactive word cloud. Word clouds have:

  • built-in text clean up and analytics
  • a black list and word frequency list
  • word proximity visualization
  • controls for changing the size, colors, fonts, angles
  • add custom and AYTM-designed masks
  • a menu of house themes
  • vertical modeEPS export

Pro word clouds with the full set of features come standard to paid members and is available to ECO users for a fee.


You can create different share views of your data, capturing everything that you see in front of you—the view modes, colors you've customized, applied filters, even opened and collapsed answer tabs. When you create a share view, you can rename it to manage different views more easily, email it to your clients, colleagues or yourself, or simply copy the access link. Each link contains a secure key and will grant access to this page to anyone with whom you share it, even if they don't have an AYTM account. Many of our clients share this page with their end users after white labeling it for their brand, contact us if you'd like to enable this for your account.


Running data in parallel with your survey stats (if enabled in your account), Personality Radar helps you identify psychographic and media usage trends among your target audience in relationship to the answers they gave to your survey. We draw data from our proprietary, ever-growing database and present it in a unique, easy user interface.

Example of a customer persona drawn from the instant aggregation of customer traits in Personality Radar

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