How to Define Your Target Market?

What's my target market? DIY online surveys

At aytm our global panels provide 100MM+ survey takers who want to share their thoughts with you today about your product or service. Drill down to your precise target market of customers using demographics and psychographics to get the market research insights you need. View our target market tutorial video.

If you want to survey your own email list, visitors to your website or social media, then please refer to the List Survey section below. Otherwise, continue reading to learn about the power of aytm targeting and fielding solutions.


Real-Time Pricing

Use the Target Market page to start a new survey, or simply check the feasibility and price for a potential study you want to launch. The Sample Complexity Meter in the upper left corner will give you real-time feedback based on the level of targeting you're selecting. The cost includes up to ten standard questions; the price goes up when you add more questions, or use advanced question types.

Define your target market

Define your
target market

Some of the best things about aytm include our targeting capabilities, delivery deadline guarantee, and access to over 100,000,000 respondents around the world. We offer real-time quotes to get you started the instant you're ready.


  • 100MM+ respondents
  • Geo-target by Regions/MSAs/ZIPs...
  • 40+ countries
  • 10 demographic targeting traits
  • 20 languages
  • Census balancing

First DIY Research Platform to Offer Guaranteed Delivery Time

Delivery time is guaranteed by aytm in most cases, assuming you launch your survey within the indicated timeframe and don't use custom prequalification questions. If for any reason your survey runs longer than promised, you'll have the option to stop the survey and get 110% of the remaining prorated amount credited back to your AYTM account for future use.


Language selection will affect the price and availability, not only the interface, since we'll be sending your survey to people fluent in the selected language. You can choose from a variety of countries and six languages, or simply from our worldwide panel of English-speaking Internet users.

Writing Screener/Prequalification Questions

When you add a prequalification question, you'll be able to select from over two thousand house tags which provide pre-written screener questions for you. If you'd prefer, you can add a custom prequalification question instead. You can have three to seven pre-screeners, depending on your license privileges. Please contact us if your project requires more. Pre-screener questions will raise the quoted price in the Sample Complexity Meter, since we'll have to dig deeper for you to find the sample you need.


We include the following ten demographics automatically in every Panel Survey targeting U.S. consumers, so you don't have to ask about them separately and take up extra space in your survey.

Can be balanced by U.S. Census:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income
  • Relationship status
  • Location

Not balanced by U.S. Census:

  • Parental status
  • Career
  • Employment status
  • Education
  • Ethnicity/race

If you have demographic quotas, you can balance by up to two nested quotas.

The included set of traits may vary from country to country.

If you've narrowed your target audience to the point where it'll take a special effort to find the respondents you need, you'll be prompted to request a custom quote. A dedicated project manager will help you to get the results you need as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.


We have several ways to set up geo-targeting: choose among regions/states/counties, metro areas, and ZIP codes. Within metro areas, the list will include Combined Statistical Areas (CSAs), Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), and Micropolitan Statistical Areas (μSAs), all according to U.S. Census classification. Our platform also offers real-time validation of ZIP codes you may enter, and will report any unrecognized ZIP codes on the right side of the page.

Pay Only for Completes

Be sure to set your number of completes to determine how many people will take your survey. You can choose as few as fifty, or as many as ten thousand. You can even exclude past respondents from a current survey. If you need to launch a few surveys at the same time with mutually exclusive sample, or send a follow-up survey to the same respondents who took your earlier survey, please contact support and we'll be happy to set it up for you on the back end.

Also Available: Survey Throttling (Distributed Survey Completion)

Throttling allows you to set up scheduled or distributed survey completion, for when collecting a more even number of completes throughout a day, week, or month is a higher priority than getting sample as soon as possible. This feature is available upon request.


At the top of the page, select the ‘Your own list' option as the source of responses. This is if you already have a group of people who are willing to take your survey, such as your customers or employees, a list of opted-in subscribers, social media followers, or website visitors. With List Surveys you'll be given a survey link plus an embed code upon launch, so you can direct traffic to your survey. Please call us if you need help with designing an effective survey invitation and/or incentive model, providing support to your users, managing fulfillment, and sending out the email blast.


Choose your language from the dropdown menu. It'll affect the user interface, as well as the language in which the demographic questions will be presented.


We have a variety of demographic questions available here; instead of using them to target your sample, these pre-written questions will enable you to better understand your list survey data, slice and dice it on the stats page, and have more filtering options. Use your best judgment to select the traits that will be appropriate for your audience to answer, and not be considered too intrusive. In order to enable the geographic location question, you may need to upgrade to a paid plan. You can also choose to present these demographic trait questions at the beginning of your survey or at the end.

Sample Size

The number of responses you can collect within each survey for free depends on your membership level. When you go beyond the limit by moving the slider to the right or typing your desired sample size, we'll show the cost for extra completes. We recommend considering an upgrade to a higher plan before paying for extra completes on a survey, since this ultimately may be more cost-effective for you.

Prevent Repeat Answers

If your membership plan supports limiting responses by IP and devices using cookies, click the gear icon at the top right to get access to these features. It can help you prevent the same respondent from contaminating your data with many repeated completes, or provide you with a better geographic distribution by limiting the amount of completes that can come from the same network, such as an office or a dorm room.

UUIDs (Unique User Identifiers) to Sync with Your Database

If you plan to use our List Surveys with an external panel and need to pass UUIDs (Unique User Identifiers) or other user-specific information through a URL link to augment statistics with your own transactional data, you may need to upgrade to a membership level that supports this feature. Once enabled, simply add "?uuid=" at the end of your survey link before distributing it to your list, and enter any unique url-safe characters after the equal sign. Every time a respondent takes your survey, we'll record their unique identifier along with their response.

Questions? Comments? Reach out us, we'd love to hear from you: , or +1 (415) 364-8601 (6am-6pm Pacific Time)