Tracker Transformation E-book: Managing the Methodology

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Posted Apr 18, 2016
JD Deitch

The survey research industry is in crisis. The way consumers participate in research has changed dramatically in the last few years and the consumer industry is still playing catch-up, to a detrimental effect.  This poses a real problem for brands and retailers trying to understand how markets are changing. Nowhere is this clearer than in brand tracking studies.  Changing these trackers is a challenge, and there are few people in the industry who have personally managed the change required.


Here at AYTM we don’t want to be part of the talk, we want to be part of the change. That means providing our clients and the broader insight industry with the tools and resources to start that change within your organization.

Our e-book is specifically designed for corporate researchers and consultants who are tackling these challenges to ensure their brands continue to measure their markets and their performance accurately. This is a subject where we have experience. In keeping with our fundamental belief that quality should be part of everything we do, we want to share this experience with our clients and the broader industry.

So far we’ve talked about the case for change and whether the methodologies you’re using are fit for purpose, and we’ve covered a project management framework in order to implement the needed changes. This week we talk about methodology. This chapter should give you a framework for considering and testing the methodology changes you’re contemplating due to broader shifts in consumer behavior. At the end of the day, a good tracker methodology—like any research design—is one that is simple, relevant to the subject matter, thoughtfully planned, and well executed.

Download chapter 3 here.  Over the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing subsequent chapters:

You're also welcome to download the full e-book, which includes Chapter 5: But What About…? (The most frequently asked questions about going through a change of this nature)

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