Fast Food Survey: Most Customers Choose Fast Food for Convenience

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Posted Aug 13, 2014

Fast food has been a big part of American culture for years. But as people become more health conscious, has the fast food business changed at all? Some claim to have healthy options, but how do customers feel about those options? And how often do they generally patronize fast food restaurants?

Fast Food

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 5% of respondents said they eat fast food every day. 40% said they eat fast food at least once per week. 35% said they eat fast food at least once per month. 18% of respondents said that they rarely eat fast food. And just 2% said they never eat fast food. Those numbers haven’t changed much in the last year. In a July 2013 survey, 4% of respondents said they ate fast food daily. 13% said they rarely ate fast food, and 2% said they never ate it.


There are a few different reasons people might choose to eat fast food. 67% said they eat fast food because it’s convenient. 32% said they eat it because it’s cheap. 31% said they just like eating fast food. 13% said they have a lack of other options. And 6% cited other reasons for eating fast food, such as having coupons or going to eat with friends.

Healthy Options

In general, 12% of respondents said they consider themselves to be very healthy. 61% said they have a somewhat healthy diet. 20% don’t consider their diet to be very healthy. And 7% said their eating habits are not healthy at all. Healthy respondents were just 1% more likely to say they never eat fast food, and 3% more likely to rarely eat fast food.

So what do people think about the healthy options at fast food restaurants? 13% said they are very satisfied with the healthy options at fast food restaurants. 47% said they are somewhat satisfied. 27% said they are somewhat unsatisfied. And 13% said they are very unsatisfied with healthy options at fast food restaurants.

You can view the complete survey results in the widget below and be sure to click “Open Full Report” to take advantage of all the chart and filter options.

Photo Credit: California Whopper from Flickr

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