Father's Day Survey: Consumers Slightly Less Likely to Buy Gifts for Dads

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Posted Jun 19, 2015

This weekend, families across the country will celebrate Father’s Day. The holiday is celebrated in different ways by different families, much like Mother’s Day. Some families will travel or go out to eat. And others will likely buy gifts for their dads or other relatives. So just how many plan to celebrate Father’s Day this year? And how do they plan to celebrate?

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Father’s Day Gifts

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 41% of respondents said they are likely to buy gifts for their dads, grandpas or other relatives this Father’s Day. That’s just 4% less than the respondents who planned to buy gifts for Mother’s Day this year, according to a May 2015 survey.

The types of gifts people plan to buy vary a bit too. Just 8% plan to buy flowers for Father’s Day, compared with 41% for Mother’s Day. 49% plan to buy Father’s Day cards, compared with 57% for Mother’s Day. 34% plan to buy clothing items for Father’s Day. 27% are likely to buy food items. 25% are likely to buy tech items. 19% plan to buy books or entertainment. 14% plan to buy home items. And 13% are likely to buy other types of items such as gift cards, sporting goods or tickets to sporting events.

Sales and Promotions

Each year, plenty of businesses use these holidays for special promotions or sales so that shoppers can find deals for their gifts. 39% of those who plan to buy Father’s Day gifts this year said that sales or special holiday promotions are likely to impact their buying decisions. That’s exactly the same percentage of shoppers who said such promotions would be likely to impact their buying decisions for Mother’s Day gifts earlier this year.

Other Celebrations

But buying gifts isn’t the only way people like to celebrate Father’s Day. 31% of respondents said they’ll likely go out to eat with family to celebrate Father’s Day this year. 8% plan to exchange homemade gifts. 7% plan to host or attend Father’s Day parties. 6% have travel plans. Another 6% plan to attend organized Father’s Day events. And 10% have other Father’s Day plans, such as simply spending time with family.

Photo Credit: Father’s Day from Flickr

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