Feature release roundup: Q2 2023 Spotlight

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Posted Jul 06, 2023
Janel Hagaman

Ready for the latest from aytm? We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been up to! Over the last quarter, our team has been hard at work to deliver some great updates that improve efficiency and empower data-driven decisions. Let’s go through some of the most notable enhancements to the aytm platform and how they stand to empower your research. While we’re at it, we’ll also highlight some of the great upcoming innovations yet to come!

Improving Shelf Test findability exercises

First up, we’ve made some exciting improvements to virtual shelf testing with the addition of two new metrics: "Time to first click" and "Average time to first click". These new metrics evaluate how quickly a product captures a respondent's attention and engagement. This will help you determine the effectiveness of a product's packaging design, positioning, and overall visual appeal. But it will also help you analyze respondents' initial product interactions and conveniently export your findings in both Excel and PowerPoint. 

Building on that, we also expanded the functionality of our Shelf Test. Now it’s not only easier for researchers to program findability exercises, but it makes for a more streamlined survey experience for respondents. These findability exercises can really help minimize the amount of required clicks, which will also reduce noise in your data. 

These updates greatly contribute to streamlined findability exercises, comprehensive data analysis, and improved product placement evaluation. Now you can make data-driven decisions that connect your product to the right market at the right time. 

Tell compelling stories with your data

Storytelling Notes is an innovative feature that lets researchers and analysts integrate captivating narratives into shareable reports. It has drag and drop functionality that easily incorporates notes, text, or images from your survey. 

With Storytelling Notes, you can produce presentation-ready reports in PPT, PDF, and in the aytm platform—combining data and storytelling for engaging presentations. These customizable templates make presentation creation a breeze, saving you time for deeper analysis. Furthermore This feature can even help you contextualize data for stakeholders by highlighting key findings and summarizing the methodologies in your study.

A picture is worth a thousand words

We’re now leveraging AI to seamlessly analyze and categorize images. This update in image recognition significantly improves efficiency and accuracy when managing your image responses by detecting duplicate images and utilizing AI-based content classification.

The "sort by similarity" sorting feature enhances survey analysis by enabling comprehensive examination of image response questions directly within the platform, catering to the needs of large-scale datasets. Now you can quickly sort product images into different categories for easier analysis—identifying duplicate responses and content patterns and streamlining the data cleaning processes for your datasets. 

Advanced targeting using custom quotas

Unlock the potential of custom logic to tailor quotas and termination rules to your specific needs. Unlike the predefined demo/geographic traits on the Target Market page, custom logic lets you build quotas around non-demo/geographic survey questions. 

This feature enhancement also allows you to customize terminate logic within your prequalification questions (PQs) and the initial three survey questions. By leveraging custom logic, you gain the flexibility to achieve more granular targeting in survey design and analysis.

Introducing the aytm Certification Program

Up next, we’re excited to tell you about the aytm platform certification program coming at the end of July in our Lighthouse Academy! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this certification program is designed for everyone. It equips you with the knowledge and skills to become a true aytm platform expert.

Immerse yourself in the program, which covers everything from the sample engine and survey authoring tools to the insights and analysis dashboard. The program not only explores the conceptual workings of the platform but also dives deep into specific tools and their applications. Upon completion of the program, you'll earn LinkedIn badges to showcase your well-earned expertise.

Throughout the certification journey, you won't be alone. You'll have your very own virtual learning guide by your side, assisting you every step of the way. They'll ensure that you’re a certified expert in the platform by the end of the program.

We also have exciting plans to expand the certification program even further. Soon, we'll introduce a collection of advanced courses that highlight various research types, including Advanced MaxDiff, Shelf Tests, Choice-based Conjoint, and much more—all completely free to sign up and become a certified expert in each of these courses. Stay tuned for more updates on these incredible opportunities to further enhance your skills.

Build a bridge between your survey results

We’re thrilled to give a sneak peek of a groundbreaking new solution set to increase the value of every survey you run. Insights Portal offers a comprehensive longitudinal view for trackers and a dashboard overview for an entire portfolio of concepts. This is a completely new way of connecting your survey data—streamlining analysis by allowing you to directly compare data points from different studies.

There are two great ways to leverage using this upcoming product:


Concept portals allow you to customize your core concept evaluation criteria and compare stats for concepts from different surveys visually and simultaneously. With a concept portal, you can also compare data from any past surveys and tailor your analysis to specific attributes or scales.


Tracker portals enable your teams to display and analyze longitudinal data from tracker surveys with intuitive filtering and visualization options. It allows you to dynamically visualize tracker data, break down waves by custom subgroups  or demographics, and easily share distilled  data with stakeholders.

Want to watch the full session?

Q2 held quite a lot of exciting advancements, and we’re so glad you could come along for the ride. We’ve covered a lot in this recap, so if you’re interested in the full discussion surrounding any of these exciting new updates, head over and watch the full session.

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