How Americans celebrate Easter: Insights into attitudes and behaviors

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Posted Mar 25, 2024
Jessica Glace

As the year marches on, many of us begin to anticipate the joyous celebrations that come with spring holidays like Easter. To gain deeper insights into how consumers plan to celebrate this special day, we conducted a 10-minute survey among 1,000 adults across the United States balanced by age and region. Let's go over the findings and learn more about the attitudes, behaviors, and sentiments surrounding Easter.

Our findings

Joyful traditions and family gatherings

As spring approaches and flowers bloom, anticipation for Easter fills the air. This time of renewal and reflection holds special significance for many individuals and their families. 

Our survey revealed that an impressive 95% of respondents are preparing to celebrate Easter this year. Delving deeper, we discovered that nearly half (48%) of those planning to celebrate expressed extreme or very high levels of excitement for the upcoming holiday. 

Focus on family

Easter stands out as a predominantly family-oriented holiday, with 65% of respondents planning to celebrate with immediate family members, 43% with a spouse, 39% with children, and 26% with extended family members. Additionally, 26% intend to celebrate with friends, while 11% will gather with community or social group members. 

Most participants are likely to mark the occasion in the comfort of their own homes (65%) or at another's residence (32%), fostering a cozy atmosphere to enjoy the company of loved ones.

“It is a great day to celebrate our family traditions.”

Communal celebrations take precedence, with 42% planning to host or attend an Easter meal. Dinner is the most common choice (68%), followed by lunch (41%) and brunch (19%). 

“Looking forward to eating a big Easter meal with my family!”

Beyond familial gatherings, Easter holds religious significance for many, with 34% planning to attend a religious service and 14% intending to sing or listen to Easter hymns.

“We're a Christian family. Easter is a holy celebration and vital to our faith.”

Time-honored traditions

The iconic Easter egg symbol takes center stage in respondents' planned activities for the day. A sizable 39% of participants plan to partake in the timeless tradition of decorating Easter eggs, while 34% are gearing up for an exciting egg hunt. Additionally, 30% intend to craft Easter baskets. 

“I look forward to watching my children complete the Easter egg hunts. It's fun for them and they get some cool candy pieces”

“I am looking forward to decorating and hiding eggs and candy [and] buying Easter baskets for my kids.”

A small portion of respondents (13%) intend to wear new clothes as part of their Easter celebrations, symbolizing a spirit of renewal and rebirth. This tradition not only reflects a reverence for religious customs but also serves as a poignant reminder of the joyous spirit that accompanies Easter.

Easter delights

One of the highlights of Easter celebrations is the delightful assortment of candies filling Easter baskets. Respondents shared their favorite Easter candies, with a diverse range of preferences emerging. Popular choices include chocolate bunnies (35%), jelly beans (32%), Cadbury creme eggs (28%), and chocolate eggs (27%). However, Reese’s peanut butter eggs reign supreme, topping the charts at 47%.

“I love the unique candy [that] stores offer during this time”
“I will buy myself a Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate egg to commemorate the holiday.”

We couldn’t end the study without having respondents weigh in on possibly the most iconic Easter candy of them all. Peeps marshmallow treats, despite their classic status, evoke mixed sentiments among Easter celebrators. Although 43% of respondents enjoy these treats, only 18% rank them among their favorites. Views on Peeps are divided, with 43% saying they like or love them and 34% saying they dislike or hate them! Preferences for peeps’ shape are pretty evenly split, with 55% favoring bunnies and 45% preferring chicks. However, color preferences are more definitive, with the majority (37%) opting for yellow, followed by blue (24%), pink (20%), and purple (19%).

We asked 1,000 Americans their favorite color of Peeps Marshmallows

Have a happy Easter!

At the end of the day, many people in the United States see Easter as a time to be with loved ones, have communal meals, and enjoy  some holiday treats and traditions. And we want to wish a happy Easter to all who celebrate. Thanks for reading!

Results were collected March 5-7, 2024. Dive deeper into the results.

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