Inside aytm: Meet Angel Muxlow, Sr. Director, Research Services

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Posted Jun 13, 2024
Trevor Brown

Angel Muxlow leads the Research Services team here at aytm, and plays a major role in how we support our partners’ research goals from a multitude of standpoints. We were so excited to get a chance to learn more about what she does both inside and outside of aytm. We hope you find this conversation as absolutely delightful as we did!

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do here at aytm?

I lead aytm’s Research Services team, where our goal is to provide world-class research services, delivering high-quality insights to our clients.

In addition to executing full-service projects, our flexible model allows us to support clients at any stage of their research project’s cycle, whether that be consultation, survey design, programming, advanced analytics, data processing or analysis/ reporting.  

How did you decide to get into your field?

The college I attended (Kettering University, Flint, MI), had a great program enabling students to rotate between academic studies and internships. I was fortunate to try out various industries, one of them being marketing research. I fell in love with research instantly because it so beautifully connects my passion for learning, exploration, creativity, psychology, and problem-solving.  

However, all these research elements would not be as rewarding to me if they weren’t rooted in service to others. I think people who find themselves in service work, intrinsically draw energy from helping others. Being on the service side of the research coin makes this possible. So whether it is helping clients come up with an optimal approach to answering their business questions, helping them get the answers, or internally guiding and solutioning with my team—my day always feels rewarding.

What’s something you’re passionate about?

I am very passionate about holistic wellness, and I love learning and finding ways to maximize my well-being so that I can show up stronger for the people in my life. That involves making space for healthy nutrition, fitness, time in nature, and meditation, even if it means starting my day at 4am. Given my passion for learning and growth, I  LOVE self-development content (books, podcasts, documentaries).

Would you be interested in sharing any wellness tips you’ve picked up?

I think a big one is to schedule your self-care before your world wakes up. For me that happens to be super early in the morning before my children start school. Getting exercise and meditation done first thing in the morning not only feels great, but it sets my day up for success. 

Nutrition is clearly another big contributor to well-being. I found that optimal nutrition is such a personal journey. Since we are all unique, it’s important to try different nutritional styles and listen to what your body needs. What may be good for one person will not work for another. Our bodies are very good at telling us what they like and dislike if we just take the time to pay attention.

And of course finding time to be outside, surrounded by nature is so healing to the soul! Hiking, kayaking, picnicking, or even just taking a short walk around the neighborhood will boost my energy every time.

And most importantly, your wellness choices have to feel good and be enjoyable. I get pretty geeky with it and love trying new biohacks like REHIT for more efficient workouts, high vibrational frequency music for optimal creativity and focus at work, or fasting to optimize my health. Getting passionate about it makes me motivated to keep it up! 

How do you balance your career and personal life at aytm?

Finding ways to balance my career and family life is of great importance to me. That is probably why I am so drawn to holistic wellness as it helps you stay balanced. I learned this lesson the hard way, that you simply can’t pour from an empty cup.  In addition to prioritizing your own well-being, what and who you surround yourself with is just as important. Working in a creative, energetic, and compassionate environment like aytm gives me a steadier hand for holding my cup, while the smart, kind, and creative people I work with, help keep my cup full!

How has aytm helped you in your career development?

Hard to believe but when I started here a few years ago, our research services team was a third of its current size. Being able to grow together with this team has been instrumental to my growth as a researcher and leader. I still learn something new each day, continue being challenged, and feel like I’m making a positive impact, even if it’s just in my little world.  

Which aytm Core Value is your favorite and why?

I would have to say Curiosity because that is such a powerful fuel for invention and growth.

What advice would you give someone just starting out at aytm?

Bring your authenticity; not only will it make your job extra fulfilling, it will accelerate your success and contribution to aytm and the world around you.

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