Inside aytm: Meet Audrey Schwartz, Product Manager

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Posted Mar 14, 2024
Trevor Brown

Audrey is a Product Manager on aytm’s Product Strategy team and a plays a very important role in making our platform the awesome thing that it is! We were absolutely thrilled to have an opportunity to chat with her and find out a bit more about what she does both inside and outside of aytm. Have a read!

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do here at aytm?

I'm currently a Product Manager on aytm’s Product Strategy team! I collaborate with an amazing group of designers, developers, and product experts to enhance our survey platform. I've been with the company for three years, previously serving as a Senior Research Analyst on our Research Services team. Even though I'm now in Product, I still consider myself a researcher, and I incorporate research and discovery into all my current projects.

How did you decide to get into your field?

In college, I double majored in English Literature and Economics, fascinated by both fields but unsure of how to merge their distinct career paths. After doing a bit of research and networking, I learned that the  Insights Industry is a perfect fit for me and my skill set! I discovered Michigan State’s Master’s in Marketing Research (MSMR) program and the rest is history. The MSMR  program is an excellent foundation for anyone who wants to work in the Insights Industry. 

How do you balance your career and personal life at aytm?

Adjusting to remote work presented its challenges initially. While the flexibility was nice, I soon recognized the importance of establishing boundaries to optimize both productivity and well-being. A significant game-changer for me was welcoming Dublin, my Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier puppy, into my life. His presence has transformed my routine, prompting me to incorporate more frequent breaks throughout the workday. Thanks to Dublin, I've found a healthier balance between work and life, enhancing both my productivity and overall happiness.

Audrey with her back to the camera carrying Dublin who is smiling at the camera
Dublin and Audrey

Tell us everything about Dublin!

Dublin is the happiest puppy! He’s about 9 months old now, and it feels like he’s growing up fast. Despite the growing pains of having a furry “teenager” in the house, he’s always learning. His favorite trick is to pop his head between your legs with a surprise “peek-a-boo”! Dublin is always excited to play and make new friends, whether they’re other dogs or people (even if he gets a little too excited sometimes). Greenies help keep him occupied for a bit while I’m working but most days I have a cute face under my desk asking with his eyes “why are you paying more attention to your computer than to me?” His favorite activity is looking out the window and people watching. He could probably do that all day!

Dublin's face pokes out from under a desk
A cute face under the desk

Dublin stares out a window with his chin on the window sill
Dublin does a people watching

Which aytm Core Value is your favorite and why?

My favorite aytm Core Value is curiosity.  As insights professionals, curiosity isn't just a trait—it's the driving force behind our endeavors. It fuels our passion for research, propelling us to validate hypotheses and unearth critical insights essential for informed decision-making.

Curiosity can also lead to a fulfilling life in general. I try to stay curious and open-minded in whatever I do. I’ve learned so many things and have met so many people by  staying curious. For example, I started a new sport in college (artistic swimming aka synchronized swimming) because I was curious  about it.

Artistic swimming? Tell us more!

I got into artistic swimming in college because my friend down the hall in my dorm raved about it. It’s a unique  sport and either you live in an area that has it or you don’t. I had watched the National Team before during the Olympics before but had never known it was a sport that had competitive youth clubs or college teams across the country.

I joined the team at the University of Michigan during my freshman year of college and competed on the team  all four years I was in college. I ended up serving as  president for the UM club and coaching at the local YMCA for a couple of years as well. I got to travel across the country for competitions for both teams, which was super fun! Here is a picture from our National competition during my Junior year:

Three artistic swimmers in a pool, arms raised
Audrey's National Artistic swimming competition

What advice would you give someone just starting out at aytm?

For anyone starting out at aytm, I would advise them to take the time to reach out to others across the organization and build relationships! We have a growing team with a variety of different skill sets and interests in and out of work. It feels a lot less lonely to work at a brand new place if you take the time to genuinely connect with others and learn more about them. I’ve found this is especially true at aytm since it is a  completely remote company.

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