Inside aytm: Meet Molly Strawn-Carreño, Sr. Growth Marketing Manager

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Posted Feb 07, 2024
Trevor Brown

Molly is the Senior Growth Marketing Manager here at aytm, and is a big part of the way we spread the word about how aytm can help organizations level up their research initiatives. We were so happy to get a chance to sit down and learn a bit more about what she does both inside and outside of aytm. We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do here at aytm?

At aytm, I am the Senior Growth Marketing Manager focused on advancing the aytm brand in the market research industry through strategic sales and marketing channels. I have the privilege to work closely with several teams cross-functionally to provide support and help hit our company goals. 

How did you decide to get into your field?

I have always loved writing and design ever since I was young and knew I wanted to do something that incorporated my talents and passions into a successful career. I ended up falling in love with entrepreneurship during my undergrad and have spent the last 7+ years in small businesses within market research, supporting and working alongside the industry’s greatest innovators. 

What’s something you’re passionate about?

When I’m not at work, I am pursuing my MS in Environmental Science and Policy at Johns Hopkins University. I am deeply passionate about ESG and sustainable business practices. It is the most pressing issue on our planet today. When I’m not at work or school, I am probably caring for my indoor plants or at a Hatha yoga class. 

Molly shows off one of her many house plants
Molly shows off one of her many plants, a Queen Anthurium or Anthurium Warocqueanum

Can you tell us more about your plants?

To say I love plants is probably an understatement. I genuinely believe they are the most beautiful and most fascinating living things on Earth. Can YOU lay in the dirt, get some sun, drink some water, and grow a new arm? Plants can! 

I’ve been building my collection for just 2 years but now have over 100 plants throughout my house, with the best specimens in my indoor tropical greenhouses. It’s basically a part-time job ensuring that they get all the heat, light, humidity, draining soil, nutrients, water, moss poles, and airflow that mimics their natural Ecuadorian and Colombian habitat. I create my own soil and fertilizer mixes custom to each plant and go through 10 gallons of water every month (not including the distilled water to keep my humidifier running 24/7). Despite all the work, they bring such life, vibrance, and joy to my home. I always look forward to caring for them at the end of my day.

Some of my most prized plants include a Monstera Albo, a Monstera Thai Constellation, a 4-foot tall Philodendron Guapo (Hibrido Colombia), a massive Philodendron Gloriosum, a Monstera Adansonii Mint, several Anthurium Crystallinums, an Anthurium Luxurians, both a King and Queen Anthurium, nearly every kind of variegated Syngonium (Mojito, Albo, Aurea, Pink Salmon, and Tri-Color), and a Philodendron Florida Ghost.

Molly's house plants in one of her tropical greenhouse
One of Molly's indoor tropical greenhouses

Care to share more about your studies?

I am privileged to be attending one of the top medical and science universities in the US, Johns Hopkins University. I am a member of their Environmental Science and Policy professionals program, allowing me to work full-time while also pursuing my higher education in a different field. Within this program, my focus is on ocean science, encompassing maritime law, oceanography, marine biology/botany, geology, and ocean policy. Specifically, I spend a lot of my time researching ocean acidification. The goal of my research is to help identify key drivers and risk factors of this issue, identify solutions, and develop local, national, and international policy suggestions to combat further environmental degradation.  

Molly standing on a surf board, riding a wave in Malibu
Molly spending time in the ocean surfing in Malibu

What’s a fun fact about you that might surprise people?

I do not like sitcoms, which is such a hot take. I’ve never liked The Office, and anything with a laugh track stresses me out! The only exception is Brooklynn 99 because I adore Andy Samberg. 

Molly perched on a cliffside in Malibu
Molly not watching sitcoms and instead sitting on a cliffside in Malibu

How do you balance your career and personal life at aytm?

Working from home at aytm has allowed me to be more present with my family and prioritize being there when the people I love need me. Our team is afforded incredible time flexibility, trust, humility, and understanding and in turn, it empowers me to be more productive and thoughtful in my career. I never feel as though I have to choose or even work hard at a balance—when I have my priorities in place, it all blends into one exceptional life!

Molly smiles at the camera while sitting a boat in Morro Bay
Molly in Morro Bay, still not watching sitcoms

How has aytm helped you in your career development?

In my career, I have always worked in startup or small business environments where I was often the only employee working on marketing efforts. Joining aytm has afforded me the opportunity to collaborate with a larger team and learn from incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and tenured research, marketing, and SAAS technology professionals.

Which aytm Core Value is your favorite and why?

Abundance mindset has to be my favorite. It is something I have always practiced throughout my life and fades into almost all the other things, including the other core values of aytm. Seeing the limitless potential in everything, prioritizing giving, and trusting your gut fuels fearlessness, creativity, ingenuity, and joy.

What advice would you give someone just starting out at aytm?

Dive in and get to work! Inside and out, aytm encourages self-starters, free thinkers, and outside-the-box ideators to be their best selves. Never second guess yourself. You are here for a reason, so go out there and make your mark.

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