Lindsay Lohan Survey: Actress Deserves Harsher Punishment

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Posted Oct 21, 2011
Anne Pilon

Lindsay Lohan was arrested this week for failing to complete her court-ordered community service, which is in violation of her probation. The actress has violated probation several times in recent years, but posted bail right away and was given a different type of community service to complete. What should happen to Lindsay Lohan, and is she getting special treatment due to her celebrity?

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Special Treatment

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 55.3% of respondents said that celebrities always get special treatment in court, and another 36.3% said they sometimes do. Only 6.3% said they don’t, and 2.3% had no opinion. However, 91.5% said that celebrities don’t deserve this special treatment. Only 2% said they do, and 4% said they do sometimes.

Violating Probation

As for Lohan’s probation violations, 34.8% said that a person should only get one chance to violate probation before being handed prison time or some other harsh punishment, and another 20% said that a person should have zero chances to violate probation before harsher punishment is handed out. Only 14.1% said that a person should get more than one chance, and 31.3% said that it should depend on the situation.

What Next?

So what should happen next for Lindsay Lohan? 78.3% believe she should go to prison for multiple probation violations. 34.3% said she should have to pay more fines. 31.3% said she should be given more community service. 21.8% said she should be sent to a rehab facility. Only 1% said she should not receive any additional punishment.Lindsay Lohan’s multiple probation violations and self-destructive tendencies make her both a sad and frustrating case. Even with special treatment, she can’t hope to continue on her current path for much longer. With the actress get help and make a comeback, or is more jail time in the works for LL?Photo Credit: Lindsay Lohan from Flickr

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