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Posted Oct 07, 2020
Tiffany Mullin

Today's researchers can measure almost anything. You have an unprecedented ability to gauge the performance of your ad campaigns, product ideas, pricing decisions, and so much more. 

But, sometimes, you can collect a ton of data that doesn't provide much insight unless you spend a lot of time sorting through it. Fortunately, there's a nifty data visualization tool that can quickly show you which areas of your images generate the most engagement and which don't. Heatmaps can arm you with the data and insights needed to optimize your concepts, including ads, products, packaging, etc., to their fullest potential.

Heatmap Survey Questions

What is a Heatmap?

A Heatmap is a common market research tool that allows survey respondents to provide feedback on an image. The respondent is presented with an image and invited to click anywhere on that image, providing feedback or reactions. You can think of Heatmaps as a form of visual storytelling, helping you better understand consumer perceptions in an instant.

Why use Heatmaps?

Heatmaps let you test various images such as ads, product packaging, logos, and more. When running a study on an image, you can now go far beyond the standard like or dislike rating, testing images for attractiveness, effectiveness, interest, and other features. 

Heatmaps allow you to visualize the most active areas of an image using color. You'll have an at-a-glance understanding of how consumers interact with your image — what areas they click on and which ones they ignore — helping you spot trends and quickly iterate for maximum engagement. 

Customizing Heatmaps

Heatmaps allow you to customize how respondents answer the question with various easy to edit pin labels as well as the ability to create new unique labels to match your needs. 

Learn how to build a Heatmap using the aytm platform.

Reading Heatmaps

There are several variations to view Heatmap data, including clusters, filtered outputs, and more.


Our original heatmap output allows you to easily see the likes and dislikes of the image respondents selected using pins. Colors vary between red, yellow, and green consistent with Heatmap mapping outputs.

Coldmaps (aytm exclusive)

Similar to Heatmaps, our Cold Map allows you to see outputs based on density but in a more neutral blue color palette. 


See individual respondent pins as they populate over the image and highlight particular areas. Use the shaping tool to create clusters, showing specific areas of the pins gathered in a defined location on the image. Learn how to populate a virtual question based on pins from a Heatmap.

Spotlight (aytm exclusive) 

If bright colors aren't your thing, we've got your back (and your eyes). Cool spotlight colors let you see the heated areas on your image with calming yellow and blue tones.

Utilizing Clusters to Filter Results

Custom clusters allow you to pin-point (pun intended) specific areas on an image you want precise data on. Completely customize an area of the image by creating outlines using our polygon tool or selecting from pre-drawn clusters generated by our platform. Once you've mapped out a detailed area, easily filter the data with just a click. You can create an unlimited number of custom clusters that will allow you to tell the story that works for you.

UPDATE: Looking for more insights with your Heatmap? Heatmaps are now available to be used with Virtual Questions. Heatmap questions with open-ended responses can be created as a separate virtual question and be showcased as a word cloud making it easier to visualize common themes among your respondents. 

Read more about analyzing Heatmaps.

Get Inside Your Customers’ Heads with Heatmaps

The aytm platform enables you to segment and filter your Heatmap data. This makes it easy to see how different types of consumers are engaging with a particular image. With an understanding of real, rather than imagined, consumer behavior,  your brand can come up with better designs and products that will generate much higher revenue for the business.

Ready to optimize your concepts? Check out Q19 in our demo survey to see Heatmaps in action!

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