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Posted Apr 04, 2017

AYTM (Ask Your Target Market)—a trusted market research solution for online survey creation, hosting, data analysis, and visualization—presents a new flexible membership program aimed to make team research collaboration more efficient, and provide every client from startups to enterprises with an advanced yet easy and affordable market research experience.

AYTM recently added new features to make day to day interactions of mid-sized to large research departments much more productive: team dashboards, three different roles to manage the users, surveys, budgets and payment methods, along with robust receipts management and accounting system. The new membership program offers a combination of the best possible value with reliable, trusted research methodologies and practices.

“Our platform became so robust that we felt that it was time to streamline the experience for clients who need core functionality, while customizing the experience for savvy teams of researchers, which prompted us to create a flexible set of membership plans tailored for different types of clients. We want every client to get to their insights as quickly and easily as possible,” said Lev Mazin, AYTM’s CEO. Highlights of the new membership program include:

  • Working in teams. For clients who work in a team environment (such as creative agencies, brands, universities, and investment firms), AYTM PRIME and CORP membership options will give the ability to precisely manage research flow, surveys, privileges, and budgets within your team. These plans give unlimited access to price sensitivity testing, MaxDiff, and perceptual mapping. PRIME is chiefly for mid-sized brands and agencies that need professional-grade market research tools and higher-level support; this tier is for teams of at least five users. CORP is the top membership tier, and it is for Fortune 1000 brands that require ongoing access to the AYTM platform, services, and custom integrations; pricing is based on each client’s unique market research needs and is intended for teams of at least fifteen users.
  • New ways to save time and money. Individual users of AYTM’s advanced survey tools will be able to save a lot by joining the AYTM PRO plan and enjoy many features more cost-effectively such as crosstabs, statistical significance tests (sigtests), and Personality Radar for quick customer personas. Other advanced statistical analysis tools are included at no extra charge. PRO is best for solo researchers who need professional-grade tools.
  • A great survey experience with no required commitment. AYTM ECO members will now be able to enjoy extended character limits, piping, conditional logic and more, simply by adding these features for a small fee per survey when they need them. The ECO plan is primarily for startups, students, and small- to medium-sized businesses with uneven online survey needs.  

Access to an unlimited number of surveys has always been AYTM's competitive advantage and AYTM offers it to all users, regardless of membership tier. Customers can keep launching an unlimited number of List Surveys based on their own lists of survey takers, and have as many survey completes as they like hosted under their account. The number of responses included in each List Survey is determined by membership plan, and can be augmented on a per-project basis for a small fee. AYTM Panel Surveys still have the same set of features and quality at the same price that clients have long enjoyed. The AYTM membership model was created to help clients easily predict and manage their research needs. Plans are defined by included features and the number of people enjoying membership privileges. All membership plans include access to AYTM panels and core functionality. Advanced features are included on paid memberships and available for a small upcharge on the free ECO plan. The paid plans include unlimited conditional and piping logic, crosstab and significance test reports, and access to AYTM’s instant customer persona builder, Personality Radar. Team management is included with the Prime and Corp plans.

AYTM is a market research solution for online survey creation, hosting, data analysis, and visualization. Consumer brands, agencies, startups, and investment firms have used AYTM since 2009 for its speed and ease of conducting sophisticated quantitative research. AYTM is a member of the Insights Association and was named one of the Top 50 Most Innovative Research Companies by GRIT 50 Report 2016. AYTM’s proprietary panel offers over 2,500 psychographic data points for instant customer personas, and with partner panels provides access to over 25 million respondents globally. AYTM provides a DIY market research platform as well as a full-service team of researchers. Customer service is available to all clients via chat, phone, and email to answer all research needs.

AYTM’s core purpose is to create the best possible research experience for survey takers and researchers. Too often researchers make surveys unreasonably long and boring to take, incompatible with mobile devices and typical attention spans. In order to satisfy both sides of this exchange, AYTM incorporates necessary safety nets into the design of the platform. AYTM offers a market research platform that makes sense, saves time by automating robust research methodologies, and assures great quality by design.

Most recently, AYTM has debuted its Forms question type to embed customizable forms directly into surveys, and will soon be rolling out drag-and-drop Polarity Scales.

Looking for fresh trend data? We post survey results to our blog every business day about topics ranging from tech to wellness, with results often cited by publications such as eMarketer and Business Insider.

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