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Posted May 05, 2021
Tiffany Mullin

Spring has officially sprung! 🌻 And the product innovation team at aytm has been working like busy bees 🐝 to take the platform to new heights.  In case you missed it, we want to take a moment to look back at all the awesome new features released on the aytm platform in Q1 2021, as well as give you a little sneak peek into what’s to come. 

*NEW* Custom Colors

Need to add your brand colors to present faster insights to your key stakeholders? Custom colors allow you to instantly have your brand colors or colors of your choice easily applied to your aytm insights. Now you can quickly download and share your customized report with our full presentation-ready PPT. 

To get started, simply go to our color options, add a new color and choose your colors based on the color picker or enter a Hex code for a more precise hue.

*NEW* Xpert Monadic Price

Want an easy to use, templated solution for testing prices with a new product? With the release of our latest Xpert Solution – Xpert Monadic Price – we have just the tool! With this solution, multiple prices are tested by respondents being exposed to a single option, and a price demand curve is produced to identify the optimal price point that maximizes profits or revenue. 

Learn more about our latest Xpert Solution here.

*Update* Traits Editing for Quotas

Now, you can select 2-6 demographic traits for use with Quota Balancing on the Target Market Page. You can use Quota Balancing to balance surveys according to the US Census across anywhere from 2-6 demographics. The demographics you can select include Gender, Age, Household Income, Relationship Status, Location, and Ethnicity.

Learn more here.

*New* PV App

PaidViewPoint, Aytm’s survey tool for respondents, is now available for download in the GooglePlay store. Our community of consumers can now take your surveys on the go, at their convenience.

Click here to download the app and check it out yourself! 

*Update* Aytm Logic

Aytm Logic is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients -  now you are able to use it when referencing video thumbnails, geo traits, and more.

Learn more about aytm Logic here or check out our quick reference guide. 

*Update* List Survey Editor Now Available to All Users

Now everyone can customize the appearance of their List Survey with just a click! Get creative with how you want respondents to view your survey. Perfect for adding custom logos, colors and more!

Read more about customizing your survey here.

Coming Soon... 🎉 Shelf Test 🎉

Aytm’s Shelf Test is designed to mimic a shopping trip for consumers that resembles the experience inside actual stores such as Target or Sam's Club. This virtual reality shopping experience provides clients with a qualitative interview, using a combination of static shots of products on a shelf. Each respondent can take products from the shelf, look at them in detail, and zoom in on texts and images. The respondent can add products into the shopping basket or back on the shelf. Throughout the shopping experience, each action is tracked and recorded for later analysis.

Stay tuned for our big Shelf Test announcement!

We accomplished a lot in Q1 2021 and are excited to continue to deliver the tools and resources that will provide you with fast, reliable, and affordable insights in 2021 and beyond. Be on the lookout for a look back at everything we release in Q2! 

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