Q2 2021 Feature Releases

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Posted Jul 20, 2021
Tiffany Mullin

We’re constantly working to improve and add new innovations to the aytm platform for our clients. As we move further into Q3, we wanted to take some time to look back at some of the greatest hits that you may have missed from last quarter.

Revamped Predictive Sample Engine
We are excited to announce the launch of our upgraded predictive sample engine! Built using aytm’s proprietary predictive algorithms, our latest platform enhancement includes a new Incidence Rate (IR) Price Predictor and automated LOI Estimator, which streamlines your sample cost calculation, improving precision and confidence in your survey results and price.

With this new Predictive Sample Engine all users are able to:

  • Predict their sample IR ahead of launching
  • Take advantage of demographic targeting at no additional cost
  • Stay apprised of predicted median response time as you build your survey

Reach More Respondents with QR Codes
Running an event, presentation or just putting up a flyer where you want to direct people back to a survey? Now you have the ability to generate a QR code as well as a link for new list surveys, making collecting feedback feel frictionless.

More Customizable Results Pages
Make your data pop with new open-ended customization options, including new fonts, custom colors and even advanced open-ended filtering.  Customization is great for those looking to have their brand colors, fonts, and more when presenting to key stakeholders. 

Updates to Question Library
Are you starting to lose track of all your questions saved in the Question Library? Now you can sort and filter all of your previously saved questions, effectively reducing your survey programming time.

Stay tuned for more features created with you in mind!

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