Survey Engagement: Basic Manners Lead to Better Data

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Posted Sep 22, 2011

As with most things in life, manners matter in surveys. A simple “please” and “thank you” can help improve the survey taking experience for your respondents. AYTM gives you the option to add opening and closing text so that you can add a kind message to your respondents. There are a few different ways to show your respondents that you appreciate their time and effort, and you can customize your text based on what type of survey you’re creating. No matter the survey type, it’s important to always remember that survey engagement means more than just writing interesting questions.

Customer Feedback Surveys

In this type of survey, you are speaking directly to your existing customers. So your welcome text could say something like, “Please complete this brief survey. Your honest feedback will help us make improvements so we can continue to serve you in the future.” This brief statement lets the respondent know why they are taking the survey and, in essence, what’s in it for them – better products or services from your company in the future.

Depending on the nature of your survey, you could even take it one extra step and use your welcome text to encourage your respondents to be candid with their responses. “We are going to ask some questions about your recent experience with our company. We appreciate your honest feedback.” This simple statement can help let your customers know that you care what they have to say, and aren’t just looking for polite, positive answers.

As far as your closing statement, a simple, “Thank you for your feedback. We really appreciate your time.” will let your customers know that you are thankful. You could also remind them again why they are taking your survey by saying something like, “Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Your answers will allow us to better serve you in the future.”

Product Concept Testing Survey

Suppose you’re thinking of introducing a new product to your target market, so you need to ask them questions about what features they’d like to see. In your opening text, you’ll need to let them know the purpose of the survey. You could say something like, “We’re going to ask you several questions about possible features for a new product we’re developing. We appreciate your honest feedback. There are no wrong answers.” This statement is short, but to the point. It lets your respondents know why they are taking the survey and gives them instructions on how to answer questions.

At the end of the survey, you could simply say, “Thank you.” Or you could personalize your text by telling respondents who sent them the survey and how they can get in touch for more information. Since your respondents spent their time giving you valuable information, you need to make sure they feel appreciated. “This survey was sent to you by John Doe of X Company. For more information about this survey and how the results will be used, feel free to contact John at [email protected]” This will help them put a face to the survey and let them know how they can learn more, if they so choose.

Bottom Line

Using customized text at the beginning and end of your survey is not necessary but it certainly helps. Proper survey engagement lets your respondents know that you care about their responses and helps to personalize their experience, making it a much more pleasant one.

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