Vacations Survey: Mid-Summer a Popular Time for Travel

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Posted Jul 01, 2014

Summer is a popular time for vacations. But how much do we really know about people’s vacation habits? Some travelers just choose to spend a few days within their home state and others go abroad. Some travel with friends and family and others fly solo. What are the most popular destinations, times, and habits regarding travel in summer 2014?

Vacation Timing

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 59% of respondents said that they have or will take a vacation during this summer. 46% of those respondents said they will take their summer vacation during July, making it the most popular month for summer travel. More specifically, the second week of July was the most popular week for summer travel. Just 7% of respondents said they took vacations during May. 11% took vacations during June. And 36% plan to take vacations in August.

These vacations aren’t necessarily lengthy though. The most popular length for summer vacations was 3 to 4 days, with 33% of respondents saying they will take a vacation of that length this summer. 19% plan to take vacations of about 5 or 6 days. 23% plan to take weeklong vacations this summer. And 17% plan to take vacations of more than a week.

Vacation Destinations

In general, 39% of respondents said they plan to travel within their home state this summer. 51% plan to travel outside their home state this summer. And 9% plan to travel abroad.

Of those staying within their home state, 27% only plan to stay within an hour of their home. 20% plan to travel about 2 hours to their destination. 21% plan to travel 3 hours. 16% plan to travel about 4 hours away. And another 16% plan to travel 5 hours or more to their vacation destination.

Of those who plan to travel out of their home state, Florida was listed as the most popular destination. California was the second most popular, followed by South Carolina and Nevada. Of those traveling abroad, the Bahamas was listed as the most popular destination, followed by the United Kingdom.

Vacation Habits

Of those Americans who are traveling this summer, 33% have not taken a vacation since last summer. 20% traveled as recently as this spring. 17% traveled the previous fall or winter. And 31% have not traveled in over a year.

This year, 55% of vacationers plan to travel with their family. 36% are taking vacations with their significant others. 16% are traveling with friends. 2% are traveling with co-workers. And 5% are traveling solo or with other acquaintances. We also asked people what they are most looking forward to, or what they enjoyed most, about their summer vacations. The most popular responses involved simply having some time to relax and spending time with friends and family.

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