What do VR users think of headset brands?

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Posted Jul 11, 2024
Jessica Glace

Virtual reality (VR) technologies are capturing imaginations and redefining experiences. Understanding consumer preferences in this space is more critical than ever, as VR continues to expand its reach beyond gaming into education, healthcare, and beyond.

In May 2024, we surveyed 400 VR users to gauge their opinions on five leading VR headset brands: Meta, Apple, HP, PlayStation, and Valve. Leveraging the aytm platform, we swiftly gathered insights within five hours, providing a snapshot of current trends and brand perceptions.

Brand perceptions

When it comes to overall brand perception (not just VR products), Google leads the pack with 79% of VR users expressing a favorable opinion, followed by PlayStation at 73%, HP at 63%, Apple at 62%, and Meta at 57%.

However, in the VR headset space, Meta Quest (formerly Oculus) boasts the highest awareness, with 76% of users familiar with the product. PlayStation VR follows at 70%, and Apple Vision Pro at 46%.

Brand familiarity of VR headsets among VR users
Which of the following VR headsets have you heard of?

Which headsets do VR users own?

Among the surveyed users, the Meta Quest 2 emerges as the most popular VR headset, owned by 40% of respondents. The PlayStation VR original comes in a close second at 38%. Conversely, newer models like Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro see lower ownership rates.

Most common VR headsets owned
Which of the following VR headsets do you personally own?

Users of the Valve Index, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest 3 report the highest satisfaction, with 85% expressing positive sentiments. PlayStation VR original and PlayStation VR2 follow closely at 84% and 83% respectively, while the HP Reverb G2 garners 81% positive feedback.

VR users rate satisfaction among popular VR headset brands.
What is your overall opinion of the following headsets that you have used? (Showing "Like it" + "Love it" responses)

Meta Quest

Of those familiar with Meta Quest headsets, the most popular is the Meta Quest 2 with 34% saying their experts on this product, followed by Meta Quest 1 (27%). 

Of those who reported ever owning a Meta Question headset, the most common purchasing driver reported was games or game related features (70%), followed by value (45%), and the hardware itself (42%). 

Why do consumers buy Meta Quest VR headsets? Purchase motivators
Which of the following are reasons that you purchased a Meta Quest headset?

Among users who haven't purchased a Meta Quest, 52% cite already owning a different VR headset as the main reason, with 31% pointing to the high price.

HP Reverb

Familiarity with HP Reverb headsets is higher for the original model (80%) compared to the HP Reverb G2 (70%). Interestingly, slightly more users consider themselves experts on the G2 (24%) than on the original (21%).

PlayStation VR

In the PlayStation VR segment, the original model is more well-known, with 80% familiarity compared to 75% for the PlayStation VR2. This indicates a strong legacy and user base for the original PlayStation VR.

These insights highlight the competitive and dynamic nature of the VR market, with different brands excelling in various aspects. As VR continues to grow, understanding these consumer preferences will be key for brands aiming to innovate and capture market share.

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