When to use market research automation for survey building

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Posted Nov 16, 2022
Julia Maier

As the research landscape continues to require insights seekers to do more with fewer resources, we thought it’d be a good idea to talk a little about the role that automation can play in achieving success in this hyper-productive research atmosphere. Automation is a powerful tool that researchers of any skill set can leverage. It can help promote speed and consistency throughout the research lifecycle—no matter how simple or complex your needs are. So let’s jump in and talk about how automated research solutions can help you reach your insights goals.

The benefits of automated research solutions

Automation in research can take a multitude of forms. Most often, it takes the shape of research templates—pre-built surveys. An easy way to think of it would be like a Mad Lib—only instead of silly scenarios, it generates powerful insights. There are many benefits to automated research solutions—whether you’re looking to launch a quick turnaround study, hoping to leverage an advanced methodology, or undertaking the tedious process of scaling up any particular research initiative. Let’s take a look at what automation can do for you.

Get consistent, high-quality data

Automation can help insights seekers by helping create uniform research practices. This can mean everything from keeping language and phrasing consistent in your survey questions to standardizing the overall structure of your questionnaires and analysis of your research. Leveraging automated solutions can boost stability and even  help with benchmarking—allowing you to iterate as you scale your research. 

Go faster and stay confident

Speed is the obvious beneficial factor in this list, but it can’t be understated. When you need insights yesterday, every minute matters. By leveraging automation, you can save tremendous time crafting questions, honing your approach, and programming logic. This speed allows you to launch quickly and with confidence, knowing that the solutions are designed for the specific tasks you need automated. 

Another really important part of automated research is that because the template is standardized and the question set is known, the analysis can be automated as well. You don't have to spend time cleaning, aggregating, and running calculations on the data—automated research can do that for you too!

Free up resources and save some money

Yep, time is money. But consider the amount of resources you are actually saving by leveraging automated solutions. We’re talking so much less back and forth than projects that start from scratch. Plus, automation can drastically reduce time spent on tedious manual entry, data aggregation, or complicated analysis you may be unfamiliar with. In the end, automated solutions can even empower you to do more on your own—leading to less outsourcing and more successful DIY projects. 

Built-in expertise can unlock your potential

Have you ever wished you could run a Monadic pricing test but just not known where to start, let alone how to ensure the data is valuable? Researchers may understand when a Monadic pricing test is needed, but knowing how to transform those responses into a revenue curve and predict an optimal price point is easier often said than done.  Automated analysis can be a huge help here. And automated solutions worth their salt come with that expertise built into the template—allowing you to do things you might not have thought possible. When you can trust the research expertise that’s programmed into your studies, it can bring confidence to your initiatives and really amplify each and every one of the benefits we’ve listed above. 

How to choose the best fit for each project

Looking to figure out which of your projects are a good fit for automated solutions? Let’s go over some tactics for pinpointing where you can reap the most benefits. 

Intensive programming

Are there aspects of your research that have traditionally involved tedious manual entry or meticulous programming? Data cleaning? Advanced analysis? Report population? Automated solutions can severely cut down on these processes and greatly reduce errors. 

The dreaded blank page

Starting from scratch? Trying something new and having trouble getting the ball rolling? Hit the ground running with automated templates designed to help start you down the right path and prompt you with the right questions to ask. This is especially true when you’re unsure of how to conduct certain analysis, like how to calculate a revenue curve or apply hypothesis testing. 

Heavy volume

Do you have studies that will need to be run multiple times over the course of your initiative? Automation can take the lion's share of that work and greatly lighten the load.

How to use aytm’s automated survey solutions

Ready to get started? We have an ever-growing collection of Xpert Solutions that can help empower your research initiatives and deliver fast, actionable results without sacrificing quality. But let’s talk a little about what sets these automated solutions apart from others. 

Plug and play

aytm’s automated Xpert Solutions are built directly into our platform. So if you’re looking to do anything from screen ads to determining the optimal price point for a product, it’s all integrated directly into our robust survey authoring tool. Simply add your concepts, define a few steps, and let the technology and built in expertise do the rest. 

Streamline data analysis

When using our Xpert Solutions, your automated analysis report answers your study’s core objectives via a visually-engaging storytelling dashboard. And you still have the flexibility to access the underlying raw data, filter as needed, and build your own models.

Embrace the expertise

Our Xpert Solutions are automated research templates that infuse our deep knowledge of these different approaches and methodologies into our solutions. These built-in best practices can help by taking the guesswork out of your life and empowering you to advance your initiatives. And if you ever feel stuck or uncertain about anything, you can reach out for support! We can walk you through the setup of your first test or gut check your survey before launch. If you need to hand the project over to us, we can do that too! So embrace the expertise, and don’t hesitate to reach out!

Contributing writer: Trevor Brown

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