Women Drivers Survey: Many Women More Comfortable with Auto Repairs

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Posted Nov 22, 2011
Anne Pilon

For many years, some women have felt uncomfortable handling their auto repairs, for fear they would be scammed or talked down to by auto professionals. Now, some women drivers are learning more about their cars and even doing some repairs and maintenance themselves. Are the fears about auto maintenance fading away?

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Equal Treatment

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 78.5% of women said they currently own a car. Of those women drivers, only 14% said they have someone else take their car in for repairs or maintenance. 18.8% said they do it themselves, but do feel like they are talked down to or even scammed. 28% said they feel like they are treated a little differently because of their gender, and 39.2% said they have no problems or weird feelings about taking their car in for repairs.

Basic Maintenance

While many women don’t feel uncomfortable bringing their car in for maintenance, some still prefer to do some of it themselves. 5.1% of respondents said they do a lot of their own auto maintenance, 40.8% said they can do a few basic things on their own, and 54.1% said they always just take it into a professional.

Basic Knowledge

While only 3.3% of respondents said they feel they know a lot about cars, another 10% said they know a fair amount, and 26% said they know a bit. 25.8% said that they don’t know much about cars, but would be interested in learning more, and 35% said they don’t know much about cars and are not really interested in learning. Many women drivers are changing their feelings about auto repair. Will more women continue to learn about basic maintenance, or will they just continue to grow more comfortable with taking their cars into a shop?Thanks to What Women Auto Know for today’s survey suggestion. If there is a topic or suggestion you’d like to see covered, leave us a comment below.Photo Credit: HA0484-035 from Flickr

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