Amazon Survey: New Products and Services Represent Company's Growth

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Posted Apr 29, 2014

Web giant Amazon reported strong quarterly growth this week after a series of big announcements, including a new streaming device and increased content for it’s instant video service. The amount of products and services offered by Amazon has increased steadily over the past several years. Just how many people patronize the web giant and how much are those numbers increasing?


Amazon Offerings

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 81% of respondents said they have purchased something from Another 24% said they’ve made purchases from the Amazon Marketplace. 24% have subscribed to Amazon Prime. 17% have used Amazon Instant Video. 14% have bought a Kindle. Another 14% have bought a Kindle Fire. 9% have sold things using the Amazon Marketplace. And 12% have patronized Amazon in other ways. Just 14% of overall respondents said they have never used any Amazon products or services.

The amount of people who have made purchases from Amazon hasn’t really increased in recent years, according to an April 2012 survey. But the amount of people who have purchased Kindles or Kindle Fire devices or subscribed to Amazon Prime or Instant Video has increased significantly.

Amazon Customers

So just how prominent is Amazon for each of these customers? 5% of respondents said they buy from Amazon or use products or services from Amazon daily. 10% said they patronize Amazon a few times per week. 19% buy Amazon products or services a few times per month. 18% do so about once per month. 26% said they buy Amazon products or services a few times per year. And 14% said they rarely ever patronize Amazon.

Amazon Opinions

Overall, 53% of respondents said they have a very positive opinion of Amazon as a company. 26% said they have a somewhat positive opinion of Amazon. 19% were neutral or have no opinion. 2% said they have a somewhat negative opinion of Amazon. And just 1% have a very negative opinion of Amazon.

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