AYTM Survey Editor 3.0 is Here!

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Posted Jun 10, 2018

For the past few months the development team here at AYTM have been heads down working on the most ambitious survey editor platform update in the history of the company. On the surface we have some new, improved features and functionality while on the back-end we have significantly upgraded our foundation for rapid development. Some of the major things you will note in the 3.0 release:

More Streamlined Interface & Speed

We’ve reduced user interface clutter and created more intuitive contextual functionality that appears just when you need it. You no longer have to use ugly html tags for bold, underline or italics with the new wysiwyg editor feature. Plus you’ll notice a big improvement in the speed of the interface overall, especially when working with longer surveys.


Ctrl+S is so... 2017! Worry about saving your survey drafts no more! With our new auto-save functionality your survey draft saves in real-time to ensure you do not lose progress. Also, should you prefer to work offline or lose connection, any edits made will be saved upon reconnect if you do not close your browser.

Collaborate Easily with Shared View

Bring other team members into the survey programming and editing process with shared view. You can now share your survey draft with a team member to give them a real-time view of your survey programming and editing progress. This new feature saves editing time, increases visibility and speeds up proofing drastically. (Please note: we are working on real-time commenting functionality to make it even more powerful!)

Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste Images or Videos

Want to add an image or video from your desktop or from a document or webpage? Simply drag and drop the image or video of your choice directly onto your survey where you’d like it placed. You can also just copy an image from a webpage or document, for example, and paste it into the question on your survey. Viola! Like magic your image or video will upload. (Please note: This functionality is only supported in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari)

Copy Questions Between Browser Windows

Duplicating questions between surveys has never been easier. Simply open up the survey with the question you’d like to duplicate in another browser tab and drag the question over to the browser tab with your new survey. The duplicated question will copy over, saving you a bunch of time. (Please note: This functionality is only available in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari)

AYTM Logic

One of the most empowering updates to the platform is our new AYTM Logic which combines piping, conditional and custom logic into one, easy to use taxonomy. Our powerful but easy to use logic variables allow you to customize and streamline survey programming along with many other useful functions that make conducting more complex testing and analysis easier on AYTM. Real time auto-updating of references when survey structure changes and validation with color coding are included. For a full list of available AYTM logic strings, please see this knowledge base article.

Enhanced Survey Editor Platform

While we are extremely excited to bring these new visible front-end features to AYTM users, by far the biggest improvement cannot be seen but will be felt. The enhanced survey editor platform has been re-built to make rapid feature development a reality. You should expect to see new automation features launch on AYTM more regularly from this point on. All of the features in this post are live now - so go experience them today!

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