Business Holiday Cards Survey: Many Customers Appreciate Holiday Greetings

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Posted Dec 02, 2011
Anne Pilon

Many people around the country send each other holiday cards, but it’s not just individuals who like to send holiday greetings. Some businesses also send out cards and greetings to their customers, whether to offer a discount or incentive, or just to say “Happy Holidays.” But what do customers think about these cards?

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Valued Customers

In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 58.8% of respondents said they have received holiday cards from businesses. 9% said they have received e-cards, but not physical cards, and 32.3% said they have not received any cards from businesses.Of those who have received cards, 43.5% said that the cards made them think more highly of the company, 53.5% said their opinion of the company did not change, and only 3% said they thought less of the company.

Marketing Ploy

Of those who haven’t received cards from companies, 27.1% said that receiving a card would make them feel like a valued customer, 43.4% said they would feel like they would feel like they were just being marketed to, and 29.5% said that they wouldn’t care one way or the other.

Coupons and Sales

Almost half, 49.8% of the total respondents said that they would like to receive information about discounts or coupons with their business holiday cards. 25.8% said they would not, and 24.5% were indifferent.Whether the card includes a coupon, is a marketing ploy, or just a simple holiday greeting, more and more businesses are using cards to reach their customers during the holiday season.Photo Credit: Union Pacific Tea Company Christmas Card from Flickr

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