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Posted Sep 23, 2015
Astrid Phillips Mayer

In designing our modern insights platform, we’ve solved a key frustration for clients of traditional research firms. You might spend up to a week with a traditional research company to launch your study. With AYTM, many of our clients launch the same day. Our easy to use, clean interfaces are designed to get you from hypotheses to the delivered insights in no time. We’re FAST, and we guarantee it.

Getting you up and running quickly

The first screen you’ll encounter lets you pick your source for respondents. You can use our panel or your own list. Your choices for demographic questions are laid out clearly, with help and how-to tutorials everywhere. For panel surveys, we show you the AYTM Sample Complexity Meter in the top left, with guaranteed sample cost and delivery time. We are so confident in our ability to meet the deadline that we offer 110% back of the remaining prorated sample cost if you stop the survey after the promised delivery time. For surveys with your own list, you can use our platform for free.


Once you set up your sources, you jump right into setting up your survey. Again, you’ll work in a clear interface designed by our user experience experts. You won’t need to learn any programming logic. Just choose your question type, enter the text, and move on to the next question. Skipping questions based on certain answers is a snap. Even more sophisticated question types, like progressive matrixes or MaxDiff experiments are a breeze to create.If you need help, tips are only a click away with our video tutorials, or you can chat with our friendly support team available via [email protected] or (415) 364-8601.

Getting you back to business with answers in hand


If you find the setup process easy, you’ll love what we’ve done for analysis and presentation. You’ll see your data in real-time, with live gorgeous embeddable charts, downloadable tables and crosstabs with significance testing, and utterly pain-free PowerPoint export. You won’t have to wait to start your analysis, which means you won’t have to wait to get back to business with new ideas and sound decisions.


Research done right, done fast, and done for you

At AYTM, we’ve built our platform from the ground up to be fully automated and do what most research companies can’t. You get professional tools that are easy to use regardless of your technical sophistication, with quality you can count on. Free. And we continue to refine and improve them all the time. On the rare occasion where you find something that our tools don’t do, just ask. We respond typically in hours, not days. It’s part of what we call our Magical Moment, when you realize that good research conducted quickly doesn’t require compromise.Experience a magical moment by running your survey on our platform using our panel or your own list today. And if you have any questions, we’re here to help — as mentioned above, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected] or (415) 364-8601. Our business hours are 8am-6pm Pacific Time.

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