Digital Coupons Survey: Paper Coupons Still Most Popular

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Posted Aug 11, 2014

Technology has changed the way people shop. So naturally it has also changed the way people save money. Digital coupons, such as online coupon codes or even mobile coupons, have become much more popular in recent years. How many people have taken advantage of digital coupons? And how many are likely to do so in the future?

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In Ask Your Target Market’s latest survey, 33% of respondents said that they often use coupons when making purchases. 48% said that they sometimes use coupons. 14% said they rarely use coupons. And just 6% of respondents said they never use coupons.

Digital Coupons

Traditional paper coupons are still the most popular; 86% of respondents have used them. 48% of coupon users said they have used online coupon codes. 18% said they have used mobile coupons from shopping apps. And 4% of respondents said they have used other types of coupons, such as coupons that go directly onto a loyalty card.

Potential Users

So it seems that some types of digital coupons are gaining popularity. But for them to get as big as traditional coupons they still need to attract more customers. It’s looking pretty good for online coupon codes though. 39% of respondents said that they shop online often. And 42% said they sometimes shop online. For mobile coupons, there’s a bit more work to do. Only 9% of respondents said they often shop using their mobile devices. 22% said they sometimes shop using mobile devices. 16% rarely use their mobile devices to shop. And 53% said they never do. But aside from making purchases, some people also use the internet or their mobile devices to compare prices or look for deals. And these activities could eventually lead to more people using digital coupons. Right now, 30% of respondents said they often use the internet or mobile devices for these purposes. And 43% said they sometimes go online or use mobile devices to compare prices or search for deals.You can view the complete survey results in the widget below and be sure to click “Open Full Report” to take advantage of all the chart and filter options.Photo Credit: Guinness QR cup: A first of its kind, product-activated QR code (best viewed large) from Flickr What do you want to know? If you need some consumer insights on a particular topic, let us know in the comments below and we’ll consider it for an upcoming survey post.

Results were collected on August 9 via AYTM’s online survey panel.

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